1. Secrets are Secret
Don’t publish information that is not yet ready to be published.

2. Stay Active
Make sure that when you are done with the account, there is a clear statement online of the end, or that the account is deleted. Don’t just allow the account to fall into inactivity.
  • Be thoughtful towards other users.
  • I will transfer just work that I've made
  • Share your own particular work on Plexxie.
  • Do not post others' work.
  • Do not post copyrighted or trademarked substance.
  • Do not post mean and hateful comments.
  • Do not post indecent and offensive contents, questions and answers.
Users are allowed to:
  • Upload videos.
  • Upload images.
  • Upload audio files.
  • Upload photo for profile photo
  • Follow & unfollow users
  • Engage with users
  • Collaborate with users
  • Ask & answer questions
  • Ask & answer questions as an anonymous user.
  • Upvote, downvote, follow and flag questions and answers.
  • Share content.
3. I won't post wrong Substance Plexxie tries to be an attractive and comprehensive group. Kindly don't post content that is:
  • Unlawful
  • Explicit, develop in substance, or unwarrantedly or excessively sexual
  • offensive, sexist, hateful or hostile
  • Shockingly realistic, odd, or obscene, foul, verbally abusing, raging.
On the off chance that you post wrong substance, it might be evacuated by Plexxie per our Terms and Conditions. Plexxie has last say about whether content is suitable. In the event that you repost content that has been expelled or keep on posting content that damages these rules your account might be suspended or evacuated.
In the event that you see a Plexxie member posting unseemly substance, report it by contacting us.

4. I won't spam other Plexxie Users
Plexxie gives many facilities that enable users to engage with each other. Kindly don't utilize these instruments unpredictably to spam or send spontaneous messages to different users. In case you're discovered spamming other Plexxie users, your record might be suspended or expelled.

What do we consider spam?
Applying clicks, upvotes, following, and different pretentious social motions to attract consideration regarding your account.
  • Connecting to your own particular work in remarks on other users' shots
  • Requesting clicks or potentially follows in return for a Plexxie request.
  • Leaving many answers that are short on substance to attract thoughtfulness
  • regarding your account
  • In the event that you see a Plexxie member spamming others, report it by reaching us through our Flag feature.

5. I will be valuable in my input
While giving feedback or criticism to other Plexxie users be useful, not mean. Also, I will only use the collaborate button for serious collaboration.