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How to do I take a perfect hyperlapse?

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Evalyn Sheila


You'll need some basic equipment like a good tripod and intervalometer, though some people go without. But more importantly you'll need some software like After Effects and some skill using it.

How to make a hyperlapse depends on the type you want to make. It can be insanely labor-intensive but the shot really can look mind blowing.

The easiest way to show you more is refer you to some good videos that explain the technique. One is by Fenchel & Janisch which is quite sophisticated. There are more as well, such as here and here. There are of course many more you can explore.

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Evalyn Sheila


Also, maybe upload some of your works in your portfolio so we can see what type of photos you currently take. It’ll help the community give you detailed insight on your work!

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This would be the best and easiest example, provided you have premiere pro. No tripod needed, just steady hands.


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