16 Reasons Why Singapore Businesses Need A Social Media Agency

Singapore businesses are looking at various opportunities to use zero budget marketing on social media these days, without having to hire the services offered by a Social Media Agency which provide experts and professionals in social media marketing services.

Many companies are trying to ensure that the marketing costs are kept at the lowest and the Return on Investment (ROI) highest; running their strategies to check how they perform by depending on themselves.

Sound familiar?

Hiring Creative Freelancers

Why You Should Hire Creative Freelancers Instead

With innovation and creativity playing a super important role in the advancement of most companies’ marketing success today, having diversity in your marketing contents should be a primary need.

I repeat, P R I M A R Y.

Sure. If your current in-house creative is a replicated human-sized of what they call a “box full of surprises” regarding great ideas, by all means, stick to him/her!

But already having in-house creatives do not determine the security of being marketably successful forever. It just defines the fact that your creative marketing needs are met and stable.


Social Media Marketing: Top 20 Mistakes to Avoid (Updated 2019)

Since the advent of social media, a lot of brands and businesses have been investing in social media marketing; flocking over to get a piece of the proverbial cake. We have heard legendary tales of entrepreneurs who took the plunge and became an instant hit overnight (or so it seemed).

A business that was running on zero grew into an entity worth millions of dollars and all credit was given to social media marketing.

5 Creative Smartphone Photography Ideas For Instagram

Ever came across interesting photographs on your social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook and wondered “Wait, how did they do that?!”

Believe it or not, most of these shots can be done with a smartphone and without the use of any Photoshop touch up skills.

But of course, these can’t really be done alone. So bring your Instagram boyfriend or buddy along to make the magic happen!

Or can you?
Hint: Tripod + self-timer


Top 9 Influencer Marketing Trends In Singapore – Updated 2018

Did you know that in 2017, brands are spending over $1 billion on influencer marketing? And that’s on Instagram alone. This is no surprise as data has shown that influencer marketing is bringing over 11x Return Of Investment (ROI) compared to your traditional marketing.

Forbes even stated that influencer marketing is the most effective form of marketing. This is due to the rise of ad blockers and a decline in radio and TV viewership.

So what exactly is influencer marketing?

Influencer Marketing is a form of marketing where social media figures who have an active community gathered around them, are being engaged by brands. They have a following because of their strong influence in their passion and the messages they publish to the public.

Playground of Infinite Happiness Featured Image

Instagrammable Spots at Keepers Playground of Infinite Happiness

Besides the entire nation going crazy over the current durian season phase which I have yet to try, here are some pop-up activities that you can spend your free time at before you head for more durians!

Keepers Playground of Infinite Happiness happening at the National Design Centre 

This event is about bringing the local arts community together to share their passion through pop-ups, installations, workshops, food and other various activities. 

Having been engaged by Funan to invite Key Opinion Leaders (aka Influencers) to their booth, my Co-founder and I had the privilege of attending the pre-event one day before the official opening.

Hiring Creative Freelancers

6 Signs To Look Out For Before You Hire A Creative Freelancer

So you’re looking to hire a creative freelancer to carry out some tasks for your marketing project or for your business needs.

“Yay!” to improving productivity!

We spend a massive amount of hours doing tasks that require a whole lot of skills that we’re not trained to do. What’s worse is that we don’t even realize how much of our time it takes.

You’re far more productive when you focus your time and energy on things that are important in propelling your business or career.

Creative Freelancer Rights

Know Your Rights As A Creative Freelancer In Singapore

Isn’t the word “Freelancing” one that is ever so familiar to us all? With the term freelancing being consistently used by most people in this generation, do you really understand the rights of a creative freelancer?

Whether you’re a freelancer who chanced upon this article or a client who is looking to hire, both of you need to read this to protect yourself better and to understand the freelancing world better.