There is no doubt that influencer marketing is the dominating trend in 2023. With the ever-shifting dynamics in the social media landscape, the best influencers leverage on the latest marketing trends and content quickly to develop their authority and expertise, making themselves more attractive to brands. From a brand’s perspective, the growing use of new creative spaces and unfamiliarity with new technologies makes influencers the best revenue in your digital marketing strategy to expand your audiences, generate new leads and create brand loyalty.

Here are the top 5 trends that we think will shape and dominate influencer marketing in 2023.

1. Increased Popularity In Audio and Video Content 

With the global lockdown due to the pandemic since 2019, content consumption of audiences has increased exponentially. They are no longer looking at just static visuals and craving for something more; something that can catch their attention at the first hook.

TikTok, for one, is changing the game. From entertainment to educational content, the platform has brought the rise of short-form video content, which creators have gone out of their way to show their craft and making it the new playground for brands. As the platform for creators to show their ingenuity and authenticity, a simple 15-second video without excessive editing is suffice.

Not to mention, it is also the first Non-Facebook mobile application to reach 3 billion downloads globally. With more brands hopping onto the bandwagon, we can safely say that TikTok is here to stay.

The video devotion era is now followed by an audio explosion. This has turned creators and brands towards a new sphere of content, somewhere less empowered by aesthetics. The rise of podcasts, audio conversations, and audio content help creators build a deeper connection with their audiences and establish their personalities through their voice. 

In fact, voice technology has shifted the digital marketing scene in different ways and it is not likely to slow down. Audio and video contents – what would that future hold? 

2. Authenticity over Perfection

Over the past years, ‘authenticity’ has been the watchword and the ‘pull’ factor for audiences to brands or content creators. To stay fully authentic, influencers have to follow what they preach, while staying relevant and in line with the brand or products they promote. Even the most engaging influencer or the influencer with the most followers won’t be seen as authentic if they are promoting a product blatantly. This just loses credibility in the eyes of audiences.

For brands, it is important to seek partnership only with influencers that have the right demographics, create content that fits within their established style and voices that rings true with their audiences.

While brands often find the need to compliment their products or services, let’s not forget it is ALRIGHT to mention what you don’t like about a certain product, as long as your followers know that, even if shortcomings, this is still the best. After all, that’s what authenticity is all about. 

3. NFT – The New Potential for 2023 

Non-Fungible Tokens, better known as NFT, have taken a stance from WTF to BFF for brands in 2023. At non-interchangeable value which can be bought & sold in the virtual medium, NFT are digital assets that are unique and irreplaceable like Bitcoin. These assets come in forms of art, music, special sports moments, in-game items, and many more. 

Ultimately driven by the potential of earnings, NFTs are a new revenue stream and engagement tool for brands. It is a new technology that has the potential to redefine the way brands do business and engage with their consumers. Brands can also use NFTs as a form of reward and incentive that entice audiences through innovative gifts, exclusive access etc.

Big brands like Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and Pringles are coming up with their own NFTs. Adidas forked out over $156,000 for a digital piece of art. The metaverse is the future, which is the reason why we are seeing more brands doing marketing in the digital world.

4. Influencers Role To A Seamless Shopping Experience

In a world of endless distractions and responsibilities, consumers are looking for the easiest way to shop for the things they need. But, brand loyalty is waning. 

Declining brand loyalty might not be just all bad news. The use of influencers is the opportunity for brands to convert new customers by offering a seamless shopping journey. Influencer partnerships can be harnessed to reach the brand’s target audience with authentic product recommendations. Along the purchase journey, influencers can offer social proof, product information, and the means of purchase in live social shopping or affiliate marketing campaigns.

5. Staying Flexible and Updated with the Platform’s Features

Platforms change, algorithms change and new features come and go. It is important for brands to be fluid and flexible with their influencer marketing campaigns. However, that’s easier said than done.

With the constant uprising of different trends, the strategy of one content for all platforms doesn’t work the same in this day and age. Audiences are now looking at certain types of content when they visit a platform. Brands should be tapping on the right content to increase their engagement with their targetted audiences. Just like how short video content won’t perform as well on Instagram as compared to TikTok, long captions won’t work as well on Instagram, compared to Facebook.

As Instagram switches up its algorithm in 2023, brands should expect fluctuations in engagement and the impacts as the changes take place. Ultimately, gaming the algorithm is ineffective and brands should focus on producing quality content, or even better, engaging influencers for different content on different platforms. 

The Final Word

As influencer marketing continues to play a more prominent role for brands in 2023, it is an exciting time for brands and content creators likewise to see the growth of new technologies, tactics, and platforms. While the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on the digital marketing landscape, it is only safe to say that connecting online will be the ‘new normal’. 

That being said, we are looking forward to seeing content creators, brands and influencers refine their offerings and take charge in this ever-changing industry.


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