Did you know that The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) estimates that there are approximately 500,000 registered business entities in Singapore? For more than ten years, Singapore has consistently been ranked as the top nation for entrepreneurs to do business. This is all thanks to Singapore’s ideal geographic location. Many small and big brands are bringing their businesses onto different social media platforms and are steadily growing every day. 

Therefore, how do we differentiate your brand from its rivals on social media? The most crucial factor is social media branding as it can alter how consumers view your brand as a whole. In this article, we will provide you with 9 ways to make your brand stand out on all the different social media platforms ranging from Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and more.

1. To have a brand story

We all grew up reading storybooks from an early age. Humans have the predisposition to tell stories, and we are innately more drawn to reading interesting or relatable content. Your brand can absolutely stand out within the crowd with a well-thought-out brand story than you can possibly imagine.

Every individual has a different life story, just like every brand business does, even though they appear to be marketing the same products on the surface. When you have a brand story, customers are purchasing more than simply a product or service. They are buying an experience by joining the community your brand built or living the lifestyle of your brand.

Nike is a successful brand with a compelling brand story. It is the ideal example of how a brand story is centred on a lifestyle. Because they want to be a part of the #justdoit community, their customers choose them over and over again.

2. Understanding who is your target audience

Before we dive into the marketing aspects of a brand, it is crucial for businesses to understand what type of consumers are its target audience. By identifying a target market or audience, it is easier for a brand to deliver its core values through marketing. For example, if the brand is selling childrenswear, naturally, the target audience would be Mothers. Why not Fathers?

With enough research, you will understand that Mothers are the ones keeping tabs on their child’s wardrobe compared to Fathers. One of the many ways to tap into this niche market would be to mention common problems a Mother would face during a typical morning routine trying to dress her child for events.

Demonstrating this degree of sympathy will allow you to connect easier with audiences that face similar problems. These core messages that are delivered to your target audience would inevitably lead to an increase in interaction which in turn, sparks conversations and increases traffic gain. In short, different products and services are catered to different consumers.

Therefore, ensure to constantly update and research what your target demographics are and adjust your brand accordingly. 

3. Excellent service

Excellent service is also imperative when marketing your brand as nowadays consumers not only seek quality in products, but they also look at the customer service of the brand. Brand marketing has gone beyond just a logo but specifics like social media experiences to customer experience. Your brand may generate more marketing and sales opportunities by offering exceptional customer service.

Statistics show that 52% of consumers will forsake their purchase if they have trouble finding information online. Sales can be increased by doing something as basic as offering an online customer support chat to respond to questions from potential customers on your website. As a result, it is important to market your company as a brand that can deliver an excellent brand experience.

Your brand’s image will undoubtedly improve with sufficient strategic analysis and planning, not to mention gaining brand loyalty.

4. Consistency in branding

It is also necessary to have consistency in your brand’s social media marketing strategies as customers need to have trust in your brand before they purchase from you. Your customers would not be able to understand what your brand stands for if your branding marketing strategy is different across all the social media platforms. To build brand awareness, a consistent narrative is required.

To convey a consistent message, your social media channels—including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, your website, and others—must be unified. By coming up with brand guidelines for your brand, you can achieve this. This will help to make sure that your brand’s overall look and tone of voice online will remain consistent over time.

5. Personalised unique social media planning

Another way to make your brand stand out is with social media content planning. Planning ahead is necessary, and you should prioritise long-term branding strategy over immediate results. Even though it will take a lot of time and work, it will all be worthwhile.

While other brands may employ effective social media marketing content, not every brand will be able to duplicate their success by adopting their social media marketing strategies if the marketing strategy is not in line with the mission and values of your brand. It may be tempting to follow trendy content in your market, but you should always be wary as many current branding marketing trends may have an impact on your long-term marketing initiatives.

Studying your brand’s target audience’s needs and wants will assist you in creating your  social media content calendar.

6. To have a Unique Selling Point (USP)

A strong marketing strategy must have a clear Unique Selling Point (USP), but this key element is commonly neglected. Having a unique selling point is competitively advantageous as it differentiates you from the rest. It captures the essence of your business—the value you provide and the issue you resolve—and identifies your brand’s position in the market. Most of the time brands come up with their own unique selling proposition by solving their customers’ pain points or needs after identifying and analysing their target audience.

7. To have a tagline

Taglines are commonly used in most businesses as it is easier for a brand to attract and convey a message to consumers. One example would be brands like Nike. Their tagline #justdoit is commonly used in the majority of their social media and marketing campaigns. The reasoning behind a tagline is simple, the attention span of a human being is relatively short. Therefore, marketers utilise taglines to capture consumers in the shortest possible time.

Through this split timeframe, consumers may be sparked out of curiosity to find out more about what lies behind the taglines. These are beneficial for any brand as it provides consumers with a trendy way to interact with the company and attain constant traffic. Naturally, the tagline has to be something unique and within the brand’s relevance.

8. Be relevant

It is inevitable that things around us will continue to evolve. In many ways, these generations are changing how brands behave and communicate. Because of this, brands must continue to be relevant by staying up to date with the desires of a generation that is constantly evolving. To differentiate your brand from the competition, it must be adaptable. If not, you run the danger of losing market share or your brand to companies who understand how to be relevant, or rather, brands that thoroughly understand and successfully appeal to their target market.

9. Brand Positioning

Brand positioning enables a brand to stand out from its competitors on social media. You can fully control your brand’s reputation and brand image by developing a brand positioning strategy. People will be able to differentiate your brand from your competition if you have done enough research within your industry. This will help raise brand awareness, improve the communication of the brand’s values, and also allow you to justify the price you set.


You want to stand out on social media. With so many brands flooding over social media, you need some ways to stand out against your competitors. Use these 9 ways your brand can get the edge on your competition. To add on, you have to keep yourself knowledgeable about social media marketing and look out for common mistakes that you can avoid!


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