Hiring Creative Freelancers

Why You Should Hire Creative Freelancers Instead

With innovation and creativity playing a super important role in the advancement of most companies’ marketing success today, having diversity in your marketing contents should be a primary need.

I repeat, P R I M A R Y.

Sure. If your current in-house creative is a replicated human-sized of what they call a “box full of surprises” regarding great ideas, by all means, stick to him/her!

But already having in-house creatives do not determine the security of being marketably successful forever. It just defines the fact that your creative marketing needs are met and stable.

Hiring Creative Freelancers

6 Signs To Look Out For Before You Hire A Creative Freelancer

So you’re looking to hire a creative freelancer to carry out some tasks for your marketing project or for your business needs.

“Yay!” to improving productivity!

We spend a massive amount of hours doing tasks that require a whole lot of skills that we’re not trained to do. What’s worse is that we don’t even realize how much of our time it takes.

You’re far more productive when you focus your time and energy on things that are important in propelling your business or career.

Creative Freelancer Rights

Know Your Rights As A Creative Freelancer In Singapore

Isn’t the word “Freelancing” one that is ever so familiar to us all? With the term freelancing being consistently used by most people in this generation, do you really understand the rights of a creative freelancer?

Whether you’re a freelancer who chanced upon this article or a client who is looking to hire, both of you need to read this to protect yourself better and to understand the freelancing world better.