5 Creative Smartphone Photography Ideas For Instagram

Ever came across interesting photographs on your social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook and wondered “Wait, how did they do that?!”

Believe it or not, most of these shots can be done with a smartphone and without the use of any Photoshop touch up skills.

But of course, these can’t really be done alone. So bring your Instagram boyfriend or buddy along to make the magic happen!

Or can you?
Hint: Tripod + self-timer

Creative Freelancer Rights

Know Your Rights As A Creative Freelancer In Singapore

Isn’t the word “Freelancing” one that is ever so familiar to us all? With the term freelancing being consistently used by most people in this generation, do you really understand the rights of a creative freelancer?

Whether you’re a freelancer who chanced upon this article or a client who is looking to hire, both of you need to read this to protect yourself better and to understand the freelancing world better.