15 Top Social Media Marketing Articles In 2021

Navigating social media for digital marketing and content creation can sometimes be harder than it looks. Here at Plexxie, we understand these challenges and have therefore compiled a list of 15 best social media marketing articles in 2021 to steer you in the right direction. Kickstart the first quarter of the year with successful marketing campaigns when you unearth the many tips and tricks in these following articles.


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16 Questions To Ask Your Social Media Marketing Agency

Finding the right client-agency fit can be a difficult and time consuming process. It takes a fair amount of confidence, with both parties needing to establish trust early in the partnership (as with any relationship).

Maybe you are hiring a social media marketing agency for the first time, or your previous agency has let you down and you promised to be more cautious the next round.

Whatever the case, it’s important to do your research before recruiting a marketing agency. To decide whether they would be a good match for your business, it is crucial to ask the correct questions that will aid you in choosing the right agency for your brand’s success.

We have a list of sixteen helpful questions that our clients often ask, and a good agency should be able to answer them easily.

Paid Social Media Ads Platform Article

The Best Platforms To Be Used For Paid Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing practice is a method of internet-based marketing that includes crafting and sharing valuable content on different social media platforms to attain marketing and advertising goals. Social media marketing consists of events like posting the content and image informing video presentations and further strategies that drive user’s engagement, along with paid social media advertising.

This article will provide social media users, marketers and brands with an outline of paid social media marketing platforms available to expand your business’s social presence. Following these tips, an individual or organization can start planning their campaigns and create content for it.

35 Marketing Articles Every Business Owner Or Marketer Should Read In 2020

Here’s how the success of business works.

A great product/service without the right marketing & execution will give you little to no results.

An average produce/service with the right marketing & execution will most likely bring you great results!

In the world today, marketing helps brands to connect with their audiences and make consumers feel like they belong to a community.

Even with a great product/service, it will evidently show overtime that your business is not performing as well as it should without the use of marketing.

So in order to keep up your competitive game in an overcrowding business economy, here is a compilation (in no particular order of importance) of 35 Marketing Articles that Business owners or Marketers should read in 2020!


13 Quick And Actionable Social Media Growth Hacks For 2020 (+17 MORE!)

Over the past few years, businesses have devised and employed different ways of realizing growth through social media marketing hacks. Social media has become the gateway for brands to reach out to their target audience, owing to the growing number of social media users being witnessed every year.

As of early 2020, social media giants like Facebook has 2.5 Billion Monthly Active Users (MAU) and 1.63 Billion Daily Active Users (DAU). YouTube has 2 Billion monthly logged-in users, while Instagram has 1 Billion MAU!