Successful advertising campaigns have the ability to evoke strong feelings and remain in our minds for a long period, potentially affecting our purchasing decisions.

Especially with today’s campaigns becoming very innovative and profitable since marketers have access to a growing variety of emerging channels and technologies. The creative team’s aptitude for piquing the attention of one’s target audience is the key to a successful marketing campaign.

In that situation, your creative team is put under a lot of pressure to come up with clever ways to draw audiences, therefore when selecting what kind of marketing campaigns to undertake, we must be strategic in our allocation of creative resources.

What is a marketing campaign?

Marketing campaigns spread the word about products or services via a variety of media, including print, radio, television, and online platforms. Campaigns can also come in a form of demos, video conferencing, and other interactive approaches in addition to traditional advertising. Franchisees and businesses operating in highly competitive marketplaces may frequently launch marketing campaigns and invest significant resources in building brand awareness and driving sales.

Check out some prime examples of marketing campaigns that effectively communicate key messages to the right audiences.

1. Global Warming – World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

A global warming awareness campaign was launched by World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The World Wildlife Fund started this eye-catching campaign ten years ago to spread awareness of global warming and its message still resonates today.

2. Together This Ramadan – Tesco

(Together This Ramadan Ad source BBH London)

Tesco commemorated Ramadan with an out-of-home (OOH) campaign centred on Iftar, the evening meal that marks the conclusion of daily fasting, throughout the month of April.

The digital billboards, which were produced in collaboration with BBH, depict empty dishes being filled with food as dusk falls. Together this Ramadan is the tagline, and the paragraph that follows reads: “In honour of everyone fasting, these plates only fill up as the sun goes down.”

3. Drinks Lie – Hyundai

(Drinks Lie Ad source Ads Of The World)

The “Drinks lie” campaign was developed by Hyundai and Arena by Havas to promote the significance of abstaining from alcohol use while driving. Its graphics depict the consequences of driving while intoxicated.

Drinks lie, a potent campaign that discovered a graphic resource that produces a lying effect by looking through a glass, got its start in this way. This effect creates a sense of distance in the images, similar to the impression that someone could experience while driving after drinking.

4. 100% Natural – Corona

(100$ Natural Campaign source The Drum)

Corona Beer’s most recent advertising campaign draws inspiration from both light and darkness. The “natural billboard” that was put up in Brighton makes use of the sun’s rays to show the bottle and label surrounding it.

The late-working culture in New York is being questioned by Heineken. With projections onto office windows, the beer company is drawing attention to office workers slumped over their screens.

5. 90 Years Of Play – Lego

(90 Years Of Play maze source Creative Review)

In Yorkshire (UK), a 15-acre maze with a huge Lego Minifigure was built to commemorate the 90th birthday of the company. A 150 meters character with the phrase “90 years of play” is visible from above in the design, a tribute to the fact that Lego was founded in Denmark in 1932.

6. Escalator – Pantene

(Pantene “Escalator” source

An unusual Pantene shampoo advertisement was placed between two escalators in Shanghai, China to demonstrate how untangled Pantene-treated hair is.

7. Highlight The Remarkable – Stabilo

(Highlight The Remarkable Campaign source DDB Group Düsseldorf)

The meaningful print campaign, which was developed by DDB Group Düsseldorf for Stabilo, the world’s largest manufacturer of highlighter pens, has gotten incredible responses on social media because it draws attention to “remarkable” women who have made significant contributions to history but have gone unnoticed.

8. First Hearing Impaired Barbie – Mattel

(Barbie unveils its first-ever doll with hearing aids source CNN Style)

Dolls with various skin tones, body types, and disabilities have been made available by Barbie. In order to help children understand and appreciate the value of inclusion, Mattel further emphasizes how crucial it is “for kids to see themselves mirrored in merchandise and to promote play with dolls who don’t resemble them.”

9. Anti-Smartwatch Ad – Timex

(Know The Time source Business Insider)

Although Apple may dominate the smartwatch market, a more established player wants to introduce you to the benefits of analogue watches. This Timex billboard in New York City makes a fool of smartwatches and their constant notifications. “Know the time without seeing you have 1,249 unanswered emails.”

10. Build The Future – Lego

(Build The Future source The Ogilvy Thailand Group)

With the help of LEGO, young children are encouraged to develop their creative side by building the career of their dreams as part of the company’s endearingly imaginative campaign called “Build The Future.” This advertisement emphasizes both the nostalgic reminiscence of parents and the imagination and enthusiasm of young children.

11. Siamese Crocodile – London Zoo

(Crocodile Skin Handbag In Enclosure source BBC News)

With the placement of a handbag on display in the crocodile cage, London Zoo has successfully sent a powerful conservation message.

12. Working Late – Heineken

(Late Working Culture source Heineken USA)

The late-working culture in New York is being addressed by Heineken. With projections onto office windows, the beer company is drawing attention to office workers slumped over their screens.

13. Youth Gun Violence Protest – The NRA Children’s Museum

(Anti-Gun Violence Movement source USA Today)

52 yellow school buses were parked to resemble an assault rifle, with 4,368 vacant seats standing in for the number of children killed by gun violence this year. A mile-long procession of buses formed towards Senator Ted Cruz’s home in Houston, Texas.

14. Swings – McDonalds UAE

(Swings Campaign source Little Black Book)

The famous Golden Arches at McDonald’s have been transformed into swings. The company has installed swings throughout Dubai “to spread joy and unity.”

The “Swings” campaign, created by Studio M and Leo Burnett Dubai, draws inspiration from one of the most recognizable logos in the world to remind everyone that having fun is important.

15. #mybreak – Nestlé Philippines

(Kit Kat Take A Break Benches source Nestlé Phillipines)

It’s generally agreed that the majority of breaks we take begin with us sitting down, so the inventive team set to work designing “KitKat breaker benches” featuring WiFi, rocking seats, and seesaws.

16. Always On Top – Burger King

(Burger King Ad Against Rivalry source The Marketing Birds)

You can always count on Burger King to launch a masterful advertising campaign against their competitor. The clever word choice and placement are what make it so funny.

17. The Sound When The Bus Stops – Coca Cola

(The Sound When The Bus Stops source Ads Of The World)

When the bus stops, the air brakes make a sound that is strikingly similar to the fizz of a coke being opened. Once you’ve heard it, you’ll always associate driving a bus with a cool bottle of Coca-Cola.

18. Tribute To Ukraine – Pantone

(Pantone Tribute to Ukraine source Pantone Twitter)

The Ukrainian flag’s colours of blue and yellow were used in a social media post by the Pantone Color Institute to show their support for Ukraine in the recent conflict. The colours were given the names Energizing Yellow and Freedom Blue.

19. Imagine A World… – CPB London

(Imagine A World Campaign Poster source CPB London)

This new poster campaign in London aims to draw attention to unconscious gender inequality in honour of International Women’s Day.

20. Valentine’s Day Print Campaign – McDonald’s Thailand

(Valentine’s Day Print Campaign Poster source Campaign Brief Asia)

You can go to McDonald’s and have your favourite burger whether you’re a couple or on your own. Three McDonald’s hamburgers are used to produce the shot for the campaign, which was developed by TBWA Thailand.

21. The Fearniture Collection – IKEA

(‘Fearniture’ Ad Campaign source DDB Group Italy)

In this charming, imaginative series of “Fearniture” advertisements, Halloween, we see the extraordinary in the ordinary. In October 2020, this expert campaign with the title “The Fearniture Collection” was released in Italy. It was developed by the marketing firm DDB for the company IKEA.

22. Music For Every Mood – Spotify

(Music For Every Mood Poster source Awario Blog)

Spotify wants to build a stronger connection with millennials and Gen Z, and using memes is the best method to do it. Memes are incredibly relatable; they are the kind of pop culture that gives you the impression that both the world and you understand one another.

23. #PutACanOnIt – Red Bull

(#PutACanOnIt Campaign source Shorty Awards)

#PutACanOnIt became so popular that other well-known brands, including Pepsi, Red Bull, and Perrier, took part in different ways. Customers were ecstatic about the in-person interactions between the three brands, and they were even more motivated to elevate the “canpaign” by applying their own creativity.

24. #WhatsYourName – Starbucks

(#WhatsYourName Campaign source Starbucks Stories And News)

Taking a customer’s name, writing it on a cup and calling it out is definitely part of the Starbucks Experience which fosters a connection between the baristas and customers. Starbucks #whatsyourname campaign celebrates this signature act and the significance it can have for some transgender and gender diverse people as they use their new name in public. 

25. Think Small – Volkswagen

(Think Small Campaign source HIP Agency)

In a society where the big, gorgeous, and outrageous were promoted, Volkswagen communicated in a straightforward, honest, and amusing way. It might be time to go back to that simplicity.

26. “FCK” – KFC

(“FCK” Campaign source AInfluencer)

One of the most well-known public relations apologies in advertising history, the FCK campaign. The American fast-food restaurant business KFC changed its logistics provider in 2018, and as a result, there was a national chicken shortage because of processing concerns. In response, the company hired the famed agency Mother and came up with the FCK campaign – a play on the similarly spelled swear word.

27. Donate Your Words – Cadbury

(Donate Your Words Campaign source Attest)

This advertising campaign cleverly highlights the loneliness that the older generation experiences. The removal of all words from the product’s iconic package represents the 1.4 million senior individuals in the UK who have no one to talk to.

28. Moldy Whopper – Burger King

(Moldy Whopper Campaign source Ogilvy)

Burger King is highlighting the fact that their Whoppers are currently manufactured without artificial preservatives. The Moldy Whopper Campaign, which consists of a film and out-of-home visuals, illustrates what happens to a Whopper after it has been out for more than a month: it turns into The Moldy Whopper.

29. Truck Live Test – Volvo

(The Epic Split (Live Test) source Volvo Trucks)

Volvo has highlighted the performance benefits of its trucks for its niche audience in a series of “Live Test” stunts from the Swedish agency Forsman & Bodenfors, but has also penetrated the mainstream with a regular stream of viral YouTube videos.

30. Squid Game – Netflix

(Squid Game Installation source Valens Research)

By placing “Squid Game” installations with this enormous doll in various locations across the world, the Netflix smash Squid Game show increased its appeal even further.

This installation was a recreation of the TV show’s pastel-colored gaming area. Visitors took part in activities and won prizes, and those who shared their experience on social media received gifts with a “Squid Game” theme.

31. The Absolut Bottle – Absolut Vodka

(The Absolut Bottle Campaign source Creode)

The campaign had the product centre stage and said “Absolut _____.” — this is all that is required. Absolut Vodka was able to simply expand its advertisements to include different cities, seasons, and places thanks to the ideal framework.

32. Dumb Ways To Die – Metro Trains Melbourne

(Dumb Ways To Die Campaign source Smart Insights)

In order to emphasize the point that you should be careful around trains because one of the dumbest ways to die is to be hit by one, McCann, Metro’s advertising agency, decided to take the route of entertainment and wrote hilarious lyrics to a song. It became a global sensation and went viral.

33. Life’s Too Short For The Wrong Job –

(Life’s Too Short For The Wrong Job Campaign source Creative Guerrilla Marketing)

This clever campaign’s theme is to not accept a job that is not right for you. The concept of the advertising campaign was to introduce the idea that there are people who are working tirelessly in confined areas behind these machines.

34. Snake Bus – Copenhagen Zoo

(Snake Bus Campaign source Valens Research)

This approach is known as ambient advertising. It entails posting advertisements in peculiar, unorthodox, and unexpected locations. The intention is to astound and amaze viewers such that it makes a lasting impact.

35. America Runs On Dunkin’ – Dunkin’ Donuts

(America Runs On Dunkin’ Campaign source Hill Holiday)

A campaign celebrating Dunkin’s active and on-the-go customers who enjoyed their routines and accomplished their goals. Dunkin’s coffee, baked goods, and snacks give our customers the energy they need to start and finish their busy days in all of our operations.

36. Live There Campaign – Airbnb

(Live There Campaign source Dexigner)

An updated version of the Airbnb mobile app has just been released, giving users access to the world’s ideal neighborhoods. By highlighting the experiences that can only be had thanks to Airbnb and its community, the campaign hopes to inspire tourists to reimagine what it is like to travel.

37. Play Inside, Play For The World – Nike

(Play Inside, Play For The World Campaign source Advertising Association)

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Nike encouraged quarantining and social distancing by sharing its iconic swoosh logo along with the message , “If you ever dreamed of playing for millions around the world, now is your chance. Play inside, play for the world.”

38. Pay With Plastic – Corona X Parley

(Pay With Plastic Campaign source Marketing Dive)

Corona designed a limited-edition can made of upcycled materials, and for every six-pack sold, the organizations will clean up one square meter at a local beach.

39. Shot On iPhone – Apple

(Shot On iPhone Campaign source Social Samosa)

The greatest way to convey a product’s potential is to demonstrate how it accomplishes its task rather than simply demonstrating what it can achieve. With a number of marketing initiatives that were captured on the iPhone by its consumers, Apple is advancing this.

40. I Wanna #Liveyoung – Evian

(I Wanna #Liveyoung Campaign source Retail In Asia)

Millennials are celebrated through the campaign for living multiple lifestyles spanning various disciplines, including travel, entrepreneurship, fashion, and health and wellness, to name a few.

41. Earth Hour – Pizza Hut Hong Kong

(Earth Hour Campaign source The Drum)

On March 26, Pizza Hut in Hong Kong “went dark” on social media by using a black logo and posting content in support of Earth Hour. Additionally, the eatery distributed first-come, first-served limited edition candle “pizza savers” at stores across the city.


In a market where there are millions of companies, marketers need to be creative in order to stand out from the competition. It is your responsibility as a brand entering this significant global market to understand what will and won’t sell. We have provided some of the best and most effective marketing campaigns in the list above. As consumers, we enjoy the inclusiveness, wittiness, culture, and local values, customised marketing messages, and current societal issues, which are all present in these campaigns.

All of these creative campaign examples have one thing in common: the target audience for the brand connects with the creative elements. A creative campaign’s ability to connect with a buyer’s concerns or goals and effectively convey the advantages of your product or service are key factors in its success. You’ll be successful if you can accomplish this across all marketing channels.

This article was co-written with Nurul Amirah.


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