Singapore businesses are looking at various opportunities to use zero budget marketing on social media these days, without having to hire the services offered by a Social Media Agency. Many companies are trying to ensure that the marketing costs are kept at the lowest and the Return on Investment (ROI) highest.

Sound familiar?

Performing your own social media marketing means that you are taking a huge risk on your company’s brand identity, lead & revenue generation, and time; dampening your productivity as a business owner or a marketer.

Some CEOs, CMOs, marketers and business owners think of it as:

“I need social media marketing; thus I’m going to hire in-house marketers to achieve the same result as a professional Social Media Agency in Singapore would achieve.”


“I need social media marketing; thus I am going to add on more workload to my marketing staff in managing the company’s social media accounts.”

This is not entirely a wrong thought.

Every action has a consequence. The decision to handle the marketing in-house is going to be effective only if you hire capable social media marketing professionals.

Keep this in mind: Will your new in-house social media marketers bring in a reasonable ROI?

Ultimately, what you need to focus on is the ROI for the money invested in marketing.

Currently, companies (regardless of its size or industry) are resorting to entrusting their work to a Social Media Agency.

Your business should be utilising this global thought.

Your Social Media Agency will always ensure that your business has continuous growth, as the success of the agency is mostly dependent on your progress.

The higher the success the company gets from the efforts of the social media agency, the more advantage the agency has to build their own brand reputation. It’s a win/win!

Let me explain why I personally feel that the best decision for any type of business in Singapore should be to hire an excellent social media marketing agency.

16 Reasons Why Singapore Businesses Need A Social Media Agency

  1. Social Media is HUGE in Singapore
  2. Using Facebook Ads Manager Effectively (with Video)
  3. Creating Brand Presence On Social Media
  4. Attracting New Customers
  5. Developing A Relationship With Your Customers
  6. Building Trust Through Content & Interaction
  7. Faster Reach To The Right Audience with Influencer Marketing
  8. Real-Time Engagement
  9. Promote Your Products or Services Effectively
  10. Being Visible On Search Engine Results – SEO & Social Media?
  11. Visuals VS Texts
  12. Increasing Your Customer Base
  13. Google My Business Set-up
  14. Providing Valuable Content
  15. Provide You Data And Analytics
  16. Save Time – Let The Experts Figure It Out

1) Social Media is HUGE in Singapore

Now let’s look at the data. How many Singaporeans are actually on Social Media?

Observe the above table to view your total addressable market.

In a population based of 5.75 million, 4.8 million Singaporeans are active social media users. That’s 83% of the entire Singapore population.We are entering into the digital age! If you’re moving with it, you’ll be left behind.CLICK TO TWEET

With effective marketing strategies carried out by your Social Media Agency in Singapore, you have a large market which can be easily penetrated through Social Media Marketing. Be it through visual posts on Instagram and Twitter, or using Facebook advertisements to promote your business.

You can expect high engagement and great ROI to build a strong customer base within Singapore.

Not only that, but the Internet has converted the world into a global village where we can reach out to people living on the other side of the earth with just a few clicks of a button (or a few taps on your phone).

The image below shows the global data where 42% of the world’s population are social media users. That is a large chunk of 3.19 billion users.

Depending on your requirements, your Social Media Agency team will ensure that the ads they create are targeted as per various geographical locations, audience type by age and gender, and the trends prevailing to provide a higher exposure of your brand.

Ensure that you have a long-term vision in place when creating this customer base as a business has to grow in the long run.

2) Using Facebook Ads Manager Effectively

Facebook has penetrated the lives of millions of users globally. This has led to a rise in the number of users exposed to advertisements that Facebook runs.

Did you know: Facebook has more than 2.20 billion active monthly users worldwide while Singapore itself has around 3.16 million users on Facebook.

Like I said earlier, Facebook allows your advertisements to be specifically targetted based on age group, demographics, interests, behaviors and more.

Quick Tip: With such possibilities of targeting specific audiences, you have no excuse but to create TARGETTED content for the audience you are focusing on.

With a large consumer database using Facebook, your Social Media Agency will create Facebook advertisements of various ad types targeting one or more audience, on different display option.

There are various options on where you want your ads to be displayed – Mobile feed, Desktop feed, Messenger, Column feed, etc. Facebook also provides a variety of ad types such as Photo ad, Video ad, Carousel ads, Slideshow ads, collection ads, Canvas ads, Lead ads, Dynamic ads, and Messenger Ads.

That’s a lot of different settings you can play with! And it takes a lot of time in doing A/B testing to know which ad settings work best for your business.

Warning: Not fully understanding how to use Facebook Ads Manager effectively will cost you time and money. Use your marketing budget only to display the ads to your specific targetted audience.

Many Singapore businesses find this overwhelming and would instead get a social media agency to manage the Advertisement campaigns.

Complete Facebook Ads Tutorial 2018 – Without Analytics

Video Link (Complete FaceBook Ads Tutorial 2018 – Without Analytics)

3) Creating Brand Presence On Social Media

Brand presence is a representation of your customer’s familiarity with your product or business and helps them to return back to you based on the trusted connections created.Having brand awareness alone isn’t enough, as it does not produce brand loyalty. However, building brand loyalty comes from actively creating experiences and meaningful memories for their audiences.CLICK TO TWEET

Branding is what will provide the visibility to your business and help achieve the other goals associated with the branding such as ROI, loyalty, trust, and value.

Professional social media marketing experts understand that and will, in turn, create a good brand identity that will translate into a great brand image. They will ensure to understand your business and help to build an entirely new identity or create a strategy to improve your current identity.

A Social Media Agency in Singapore will understand that the priority is to have a content strategy that will improve your presence and community engagement. They will create social awareness using the available multiple Social Media platforms to boost your products brand image through various advertisements.

Here’s a peek into our 8-steps process in creating a social media marketing strategy for our clients.

It takes a lot of time to build a presence on social media from scratch. So having a dedicated team of social media experts might not be a bad idea after all.

Either way, if your business is already on social media, are you making these mistakes?

4) Attracting New Customers

A Social Media Agency will create various strategies and advertising campaigns for your business. This includes producing engaging content and posting them onto social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter via paid advertisements.

Your untapped potential customers who are active on the various social media platforms will start observing your presence on their screens across multiple ad types. If done correctly, these advertisements help your audience to remember your brand quickly.

Visually engaging ads will be able to capture the attention of your potential customers. Also, a social media agency will ensure that these visual ads reflect your brand identity.

Regularly posting content on social media will further help your brand enter into a segment of your potential customers who thrives on social media. This is because your content will repeatedly appear in their news feed.

Such promotions by a Social Media Agency can help create a lead database – which is another topic we can talk on!

To add on, the more captivating the post is, the higher the potential lead will turn into a new customer.

5) Developing A Relationship With Your Customers

Building good relationships with customers is a must, needless to say for any business regardless of its size or presence. The brand image can be tarnished due to lousy relationship management or situations not being addressed promptly.

In the “Social Media” world, we call this Social Media Monitoring, Social Media Listening, and Community Engagement.

Often overlooked, community engagement plays a crucial role in reflecting the brand identity and image of your business. Loss of customer base tends to have adverse effects on a company not only from the reputation standpoint but in long-term. This converts to revenue loss and additional revenue investment to salvage a situation gone wrong.

People are more responsive to a brand when they know that they are talking to someone, instead of something. This is where your Social Media Marketing Agency develops a relationship with your existing and potential customers on behalf of your business.

Usually, the agency will conduct engagement services like social media listening and engagement with your community, to ensure that your brand hears their voices.

This also means that your potential or existing customers can reach out to your business in real-time via various social media platforms without feeling frustrated when trying to get hold of your representative.

6) Building Trust Through Content & Interaction

Many businesses are now creating content such as articles and informational videos to share with their community on various social media platforms.

Being active through social media by sharing your knowledge and experience on a particular topic is a great way to categorize you as an expert in your industry. Not only that, but it gives your potential customers to interact with you and allows current customers to develop stronger relationships with you.

A good social media agency knows that content is king. Putting you on the map as a thought leader in the industry will get you a significant number of leads into your sales funnel.

The only downside? It takes time. However, if done correctly, this is one of the best strategies that allows organic leads to come to your doorstep constantly.

As mentioned above, not only must you create and publish your informative content, but you have to engage with the people who interact with your content.

When your future customers observe you participate in things that are directly beneficial to them, they will tend to give you more of their trust instinctively.Trust cannot be purchased, it has to be earned.CLICK TO TWEET

7) Faster Reach To The Right Audience with Influencer Marketing

Did you know that Influencer Marketing has been deemed as the most effective form of digital marketing? It is said that Influencer marketing is bringing over 11x Return of Investment (ROI) compared to your traditional marketing.

Reach out to the mass audience in Singapore over a shorter period of time with Influencer Marketing. Not only does it help your brand to gain more awareness, but it also helps to promote the value that your company brings to people.

However, finding the right Influencers is not a natural process, and like many other digital marketing strategies, there are trends that you should be aware of.

With a social media marketing agency like Plexxie, we will help in areas like engaging and managing suitable influencers with the right targetted followers for your business.

8) Real-Time Engagement

In our personal life, we work on our relationships by giving time to understand a person or a situation and respond in the best way to ensure the relationship is strengthened.

When we remember that every customer is a person and provide the human touch to our engagements with the customers, the relationship tends to grow and the returns of such engagements are Brand Loyalty and Word-Of-Mouth Marketing!

How can we provide consistent and fruitful engagement to our customers through social media?

A Social Media Agency managing your accounts will have to ensure the response time is quick. It doesn’t matter if the message is a query, suggestion, feedback, complaint, etc. You got to be quick in your response.

But here’s the deal. The first response can be an automated response that’s customized towards the customer.

On Facebook Messenger, there is a feature called Response Assistant where you type in a customized instant reply message to anyone who sent your Facebook page a message.

After you get the message, gather all the available information and respond to your customer by name, no longer than 12 hours.

If you need more time to gather the information, mention that you will get back to the customer by the day & date.

This is why Singapore businesses should hire a social media agency. Not every business owner and marketer has time to react that fast to a message on social media. It is also a grave mistake that some businesses only check the incoming messages on their social media accounts once a week.

From our experience with our past clients, their audiences are looking for the best service providers. Moreover, the best service providers respond FAST. Isn’t it kind of silly that you’re losing customers because your competitors are replying queries an hour earlier than you?

Let that sink in…

9) Promote Your Products or Services Effectively

In the world today, every business and industry is competitive. To stand out with a brand identity and good customer database is not enough. You will need to provide the best services and bring value to the ever-changing customer mind.

A social media marketing strategy crafted by the agency will involve some of the following activities to ensure your services/products are promoted effectively: Creating content for posting, running various contests which are promoted by your brand, asking for customer reviews, offering various discounts and sale offers, etc.

10) Being Visible On Search Engine Results – SEO & Social Media?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a term everyone is familiar with today. SEO is an optimization practice that provides any businesses online assistance to generate quality traffic to their website using targeted keywords.

Using SEO will make your web content and website optimized for better search-ability. This will ensure to show your website in the top search results on the first page of any search engine.

SEO for Social Media? Does having a social media account help my website rankings?

Well, Yes but not directly. 

Social media can boosts your brand and website credibility by driving referral traffic to it.

But to get these referral traffic, you have to be engaged with your audiences using the right keywords that sense for your brand.

A Social Media Marketing Agency will ensure you are using the right keywords on your social media platforms so that it’ll help you boost the the referral traffic to your website. Ultimately, this will help in improving your rankings on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

11) Visuals VS Texts

Everybody knows that we have to use visuals to attract the attention of our audience. It’s great that you are following this advice, but are you doing it right? Do you create high-quality visuals? Is it pixelated?

I’ve seen many companies who are NOT doing the basics of social media visuals correctly.

This includes not using high-quality logo images, not ensuring the profile is visually appealing, going out of their brand identity, sharing visually irrelevant content, etc.

What’s worse is that they’re even using copyrighted images to post it on their business profile. Having built an online creative community for our creative freelancers, we stand for the rights of our Creative Freelancers. Seeing businesses use copyright works without crediting and asking for consent is just wrong.

As a creative and social media marketing agency, Plexxie takes charge of ensuring that images with the right message are used which help to create a positive effect on the end user. We’ll create customized valuable content such as professional videos to ensure people are visually attracted to your content.

Visual impact helps to generate curiosity and mainly catch your potential customers attention.

12) Increasing Your Customer Base

With the help of your Social Media Agency, your business will never have to worry about expanding the customer base. The strategies created by your agency will ensure that your targeted customers will be aware of your brand. One of the methods to make this happen is through social media advertising.

Facebook Ads Manager is a tool that allows you to publish ads to a (very) specific target audience on Facebook. From basic things like location, age, and gender; to job titles, purchase behaviors and iPhone/Android users. Take note that Facebook regularly updates their Facebook Ads Manager and it might get a little complicated.Targetted advertising done right will help to bring in more engagement from potential customers and aid you in gaining new ones.CLICK TO TWEET

The Social Media Agency will be highly instrumental in creating and growing you a diverse customer database – creating different customer profiles via Facebook Ads Manager.

13) Google My Business Set-up

Google My Business is a great option provided by the biggest search engine in the world today. With Google My business, your Social Media Agency will list your business on Google with all the critical information.

This includes location, your industry, contact number, related images and more.

You will receive more visibility when people around your area are searching online for things related to your business.

This is a free and great way to expand business visibility for local marketing.

14) Providing Valuable Content

For us here at Plexxie, it’s all about the content you push out to your community. It’s got to be exciting and not “self-centered”. Provide value to your community first and then talk about your business. A social media marketing agency will be able to develop a content strategy that resonates well with the community you’re engaging.

15) Provide You Data And Analytics

A social media agency will continuously analyze your social media accounts. They will then judge based on the data if you require a change in your digital marketing strategy.

Based on the data, they will provide suggestions on how to further build a stronger social media presence and a cohesive digital marketing strategy for your company.

One of the tools we use in Plexxie is Agorapulse.

Everything will be recorded for you to quickly analyze and track on what’s working well for your business. More importantly, it will show you the areas where you can improve on.

16) Save Time – Let The Experts Figure It Out

“Social Media is not rocket science. Why pay someone money just to upload a photo every day?” – Right? Wrong.CLICK TO TWEET

If you plan to handle your Social Media marketing on your own, you need to be well equipped on the timeline and have ample free time to plan a strategy,  manage multiple social media accounts, create content, manage ads, monitor the performance and optimize your content as per the analytics of your accounts.

It is a wise decision to hire a Social Media Agency who can free you from all these hassles. They will take complete ownership of your requirements. 

As a professional social media expert here at Plexxie, we too offer social media marketing services for businesses in Singapore and any other parts of the world. So get us onboard and save all the hassle. Instead, use your time to focus on different aspects of the business or marketing efforts.


Social Media marketing is once seen as a ‘trendy’ form of marketing that will not last. However, it’s been almost 20 years since the Web 2.0 era. Social media is only getting stronger and more available to everyone in the world.CLICK TO TWEET

If you have not started on utilizing social media marketing, I strongly suggest you start now.

Moving forward, you need to decide to either do it yourself, hire an in-house marketer, or hire experts in a Social Media Agency.

Hire Plexxie as your Social Media Agency where we can provide:

  • Social Media Management
  • Content Strategy and Creation
  • Ads Campaign Management
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Community Engagement
  • Social Media Reporting

Feel free to drop me an email here, and we can discuss further!

Still not too certain about hiring a Digital or Social Media Agency? Let us create a FREE Social Media Audit for you. Leave your details in this link:

If you have any questions on social media marketing, let me know in the comments below!

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Questions to ask when hiring a social media manager or agency

Video Link (Questions to ask when hiring a social media manager or agency )


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