It’s Official! – Plexxie Is A Verified Facebook Preferred Agency Partner

Plexxie has been approved as a Facebook Preferred Partner. This is a testimonial to our high standards in generating client success as the only digital media agency in Singapore that is focused on providing social media marketing services. Facebook has taken notice of the niche approach that we have been taking and has awarded us with the Facebook Business Partner badge to further support our strong focus.

4 Easy Ways To Market Your F&B Business During COVID-19 In Singapore

With the current Covid-19 pandemic happening, companies across the globe are facing a great depression. 

It is only natural for the current surviving businesses to be fearful of their future, with the number of firms closing down and unemployment rates rising daily.

Lockdowns and restrictions have been set in place in different countries to help contain the spread of the virus. With Singapore going into a “silent lockdown”, our local F&B businesses are one of the many industries that are currently struggling to sustain.

“What’s the point in continuing to market during this restricted period if everyone’s encouraged to stay home?”


How To Do A QUICK Social Media Audit [Download Free Template]

Social media is not a new tool for online marketing. Today, you will find that each major social media network has become a powerful marketing medium for promoting products, building audiences, and increasing sales.

Looking at the statistics, global investment in social media advertising is projected to increase from US$ 32 billion in 2017 to a whopping US$48 billion in 2021!

Before you get started (or continue) on your social media efforts, it is important to conduct a social media audit to better understand where your brand stands in the entire social media landscape.

Playground of Infinite Happiness Featured Image

Instagrammable Spots at Keepers Playground of Infinite Happiness

Besides the entire nation going crazy over the current durian season phase which I have yet to try, here are some pop-up activities that you can spend your free time at before you head for more durians!

Keepers Playground of Infinite Happiness happening at the National Design Centre 

This event is about bringing the local arts community together to share their passion through pop-ups, installations, workshops, food and other various activities. 

Having been engaged by Funan to invite Key Opinion Leaders (aka Influencers) to their booth, my Co-founder and I had the privilege of attending the pre-event one day before the official opening.