Social Media Marketing Trends In 2021 Plexxie

Social Media Marketing Trends In 2021 (The New Normal)

The year 2020 has been a whirlpool of challenges for most businesses, whether big or small. The pandemic came crashing, while brands were slowly getting used to the importance of having an online presence. It caused many organisations that stuck to the traditional means to shut down within a month, and the rest struggling to survive.

Marketing trends are constantly changing, and 2020 has taught us that it is vital to stay relevant no matter how much value your business model brings.

The term “Digital Marketing” was first formed in the 1990s, which has evolved from the Web 1.0 platform to what we have now – Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, and more. This is how much digital marketing has changed in 30 years, so what about 30 years from now? Will we be prepared for the next global crisis that strikes, when we have not even attuned to the current situation yet? Yikes.

14 Cheap Marketing Strategies (That REALLY Works)

Businesses grow in very different ways depending on the type of business model you have.

You might own a startup that requires ferocious growth from the very beginning or a retail shop that aims to have a slower gradual growth instead.

But for whatever goals you have for your company, we all know that marketing is an essential part in gaining consumer acquisition and for building on your brand awareness.