Plexxie has been approved as a Meta Business Partner (formerly known as Facebook Preferred Partner). This is a testimonial to our high standards in generating client success as the only digital media agency in Singapore that is focused on providing social media marketing services. Facebook has taken notice of the niche approach that we have been taking and has awarded us with the Meta Business Partner badge to further support our strong focus.

With Facebook on our side, Plexxie is now able to further strengthen its core in providing insightful solutions to achieve our clients’ objectives and increase our credibility in the field of digital marketing – not only in Singapore but globally – in which we will wear this badge proudly.

The Meta Business Partner Badge and Plexxie

The Meta Business Partner badge is awarded to companies that have achieved the highest standards of performance and service. Only a handful of digital marketing agencies in Singapore are currently approved by Facebook to utilize the Meta Business Partner Badge, enhancing the agency’s competitive advantage. Our certification validates our knowledge and ability to manage successful social media campaigns for our clients.

Plexxie is now on the list of official Meta Business Partners. This list can be found on the Facebook Partner Directory page for our current and future potential clients to use as a reference for verification.

Why work with a Meta Business Agency Partner?

There is no form of application for agencies to be part of the list to receive the badge. The agency is hand-picked after a thorough assessment by Facebook by the works that they have done. This alone is a guarantee of a partner’s social media marketing skill and competency. Working with a Meta Business Partner comes with a wider range of exclusive perks.

Agency Hub – Plexxie now has access to the Agency Hub, a tool that helps us understand and improve our clients’ performance. This allows us access to detailed insights on specific technical and creative recommendations for our clients that will help put them ahead of the competition.

Unlimited Resources And Training  Resources such as Blueprint courses, exclusive ‘by invitation only’ Facebook events and training sessions, and a dedicated Facebook Marketing Expert being assigned to our agency, allow us to study and develop our understanding of the Meta Platforms family. In short, this means that the team at Plexxie is always sharpening their abilities and knowledge in the field of social media marketing. This will ensure that our clients’ campaigns have a higher production value and produce better outcomes.

Real-Time Support  Plexxie is sure to address any unexpected issues that may develop during a campaign with access to Facebook Marketing’s one-on-one chat support. In these meetings, we will have access to additional assistance that will help us avoid downtime.

Extended Network – Through the Meta Business Partners EXPO, Plexxie will have the opportunity to meet and learn from some of the best in the social media marketing industry. We will also get to participate in training sessions and other exclusive virtual events, allowing us to learn solutions based on real campaigns rather than predictions.

Proven Credibility – Plexxie’s credibility, reliability, and dependability are all affirmed by the Meta Business Partner Badge on all of our marketing collaterals.

How did Plexxie qualify for Meta Business Partner for Agencies?

Facebook recognized Plexxie as an agency that has a strong focus on servicing clients with our social media marketing services. We have also demonstrated a strategic method in utilizing the products in the Meta Platform including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Every agency is assessed based on a number of different characteristics. The following requirements were met by Plexxie:

Qualifying Ad Spend: Plexxie has a demonstrated track record of media investments for our clients from the ad accounts we manage under the Business Manager, with favorable results based on the client’s aim. This indicates that we have successfully managed a series of effective social media campaigns.

Qualifying Ad Placement: Plexxie was able to reach a percentage of advertising with automatic placements on social media networks like Facebook and Instagram, indicating that we have reached the optimized target demographic.

Number of Active Pages: Plexxie not only creates Facebook Pages but also maintains them actively through editorial calendars and strategic ad placements, ensuring that the pages are relevant and purposeful for our client’s current and potential customers.

What’s next?

With Facebook and Instagram being the core platforms that we use for a majority of our clients’ campaigns, our Partner status represents our access to additional Facebook resources. These resources can help us help you improve your social marketing strategy, better sell your products online, and promote dependable customer engagement to gain a more competitive advantage. We hope to continue on this path towards greater success, helping our current and future clients create meaningful human experiences in this digital world.


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