With innovation and creativity playing a super important role in the advancement of most companies’ marketing success today, having diversity in your marketing contents should be a primary need.

I repeat, P R I M A R Y.

Sure. If your current in-house creative is a replicated human-sized of what they call a “box full of surprises” regarding great ideas, by all means, stick to him/her!

But already having in-house creatives do not determine the security of being marketably successful forever. It just defines the fact that your creative marketing needs are met and stable.

Quick thought: How do companies continue to grow if they remain stable?

They might be great works, but it’ll always be the same great works from the same people. Soon enough, your company’s brand becomes predictable.

But if that’s what you’re going for, then continue sticking to that!

However, if you’re looking for a way to continually innovate and surprise your consumers, here are more reasons to help you decide on why you should be hiring creative freelancers for your marketing campaigns.


This point is for business owners who are unknowingly appointing too much work to your full-time creatives.

How do you define too much?

When you notice that your in-house creatives are struggling to handle all the tasks given to them, or when you feel that their work qualities are slowly deteriorating from what they used to deliver.Always remember that creative work requires a significant amount of effort and time for it to reach its full potential.CLICK TO TWEET

For them to do their best, it is recommended that you appoint a reasonable amount of work to each of your in-house creatives.

If you find yourself struggling to hire another in-house creative due to insufficient time or funds, then the best alternative will be to hire a creative freelancer.


Most companies outsource to Creative freelancers for a one-off project when they want to save cost, instead of hiring another in-house creative to get their work done.

This makes plenty of sense because you will only end up paying a one time fee, instead of a monthly fee for a full-time employee.

If you’re not too sure on how much it cost for a one-time project for Creative freelancers like Graphic Designers, Photographers, and Videographers, you may read more about the average price list of Creative freelancers in Singapore from my previous article.

Information gathered from Plexxie.


As mentioned above, working with the same in-house creative is an excellent choice when your company is aiming for consistency in your brand image.

However, you could always explore different styles and themes when it comes to your marketing campaigns.

“But my in-house creatives are only good when it comes to producing very corporate and professional images for our marketing contents!”

In this case, what should you do?

You outsource Creative freelancers whom you feel have the expertise of achieving the image of your particular marketing campaign.

Look through their portfolio works and pick the best match for the look of your particular campaign.

In this way, you not only get to try a completely different style for your company, but you also get to compare the work quality of the Creative freelancers and your current in-house Creatives.

Which brings me to my next point of…


Much like other expertise, Creatives are always looking for ways to express art better.New creations of art and innovative concepts are blooming as we speak.CLICK TO TWEET

So how sure are you that your in-house creatives are performing according to or higher than the usual standards in the creative field?

They might have been producing amazing works when you first hired them, but how do you expect your company to do better when your contents are on a stand-still?

Hiring and working with Creative freelancers will not only help you to explore a different look for your company, but it also helps you to better judge if your in-house Creatives require training.

If you find that the Creative freelancer you’ve hired is producing much greater works than your in-house Creatives, then it is time for you to do something about it!


Decided to hire a creative freelancer? Take a look at this article to find out what exactly to look out for when hiring one.

In our society today, it is so convenient to engage a freelancer directly or through agencies like Plexxie.

It might seem that Creative freelancers have not much experience and are deemed to be less trustworthy.

But times have changed.

And so should you.

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