Aroma Truffle was new in the F&B local market and was looking to expand more stores by raising awareness of their brand and increase their conversions on their first and only product at that time, Aroma Truffle Chips. Apart from their logo, they had zero brand concept and media assets. They tasked us with branding and end-to-end social media marketing including creating and compiling media assets through photography.


After in-depth market research, Plexxie created a brand strategy that would attract their target audience and adapt to their spending behaviours. We executed a media plan that would reach potential customers through various platforms. Our strategy includes building a strong brand that would facilitate growth towards a digital community around their brand. This allowed customers to relate to each other, sharing their experiences after each key touchpoint with Aroma Truffle.


After a strong branding foundation is developed and with the constant changes with algorithms that social media platforms are making, we worked closely with Aroma Truffle and came up with a consistent media buying strategy that includes “always-on” social media advertising campaigns and influencer marketing. This led to conversion results that exceeded market standards.


5,834 UGC on #aromatruffle in 12 Months.

1407% Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

5,000 Organic Engagement Monthly.

  • 5,834 UGC on #aromatruffle in 12 Months
  • 1407% Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • 5000 Organic Engagement Monthly

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