Far East Organisation was looking to further enhance their online presence, due to a stagnant phase of overall branding and performance. Their newly revamped rewards application was also aimed for a more impactful launch.


To increase audience growth, a fresher visual rebranding was first executed before we focused on app membership and footfall conversion. We provided the following services to @FarEastMalls & @OrchardCentral Facebook, Instagram and TikTok accounts: Social Media Strategy & Management, Campaign Creation & Advertising Management, Content Creation (Graphic Design, 2D Animation, Photography & Videography), Community Engagement and Monthly Reports.


To further boost their reach and brand awareness, informative resources was shared via influencer marketing and SEO article writing. We also ran campaigns such as ‘Jackson Wang Meet & Greet’, Oatside’s Combi Van Launch, Seasons Of Love Series Campaigns (Christmas, Lunar New Year, Valentines Day), and more!


370% increase in Brand Awareness.

153% increase in Social Engagement.

40% overall increase in app downloads, traffic to their website and physical footfall to all Far East Malls.


“We appreciate the hard work thus far, particularly for the photoshoots and accommodating our timeline. We truly admire the creative direction the team has taken, consistently delivering impressive results even for back-to-back campaigns.”

– Joxanne Koo, Marketing Executive, Far East Organization

  • 370% Increase in Brand Awareness
  • 153% Increase in Social Engagement
  • 40% Overall Increase in Traffic and App Downloads

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