redONE Pte Ltd is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that was founded in Malaysia in 2012. As their subscribers grew, they expanded towards the Singapore market, offering telecommunication services mainly for Singaporeans and Malaysians who travel across both countries often.


Being a fresh telecommunication player in Singapore, redONE have to build the foundation of their new social media pages to reach their Singapore audience.


Plexxie created a social media strategy that focuses on targeting younger working-adult Singaporeans that would travel to Malaysia often. Our strategy was to create contents and publish them at a fast paced speed, ensure the context of these contents are easily relatable (and trendy) for the younger market. This strategy allowed redONE to stand out from their competitors who are major household telecommunication brands.


Social media engagement played a huge role as well in increasing the reach for redONE social pages. Our strategy managed to boost redONE’s follower count and brand engagement, all through organic efforts.


Increase in Organic Engagement 248.7%

Increase in Brand Awareness 54.5%

Increase in Followers 42.5%


“Plexxie has been an invaluable asset to us here at redONE. Their expertise in Social Media Marketing, coupled with the dedication of the whole team, has played a pivotal role in elevating our brand’s online presence and engagement.

What sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to excellence. They not only take our feedback seriously; they thrive on it. Every suggestion or critique we provide is not treated as a mere comment but as a valuable opportunity for growth and enhancement. This dedication to continuous improvement has not only impressed us but significantly elevated our social media presence.

Their regular check-ins to gauge our satisfaction and explore ways for further enhancement showcase the client-centric approach that Plexxie embodies.

Looking ahead, we are excited about the continued partnership with the entire Plexxie team. With their professionalism, receptiveness, and dedication, we have full confidence that together, we will achieve new heights and create even more remarkable digital experiences for our audience. We sincerely thank the Plexxie team for their outstanding work and eagerly anticipate the continued success of our partnership.”

– Shafiz Wari, Senior Executive Marketing, redONE

  • 248.7% Increase in Organic Engagement
  • 54.5% Increase in Brand Awareness
  • 42.5% Increase in Followers

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