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What is NFT?


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have become a WTF to a BFF for brands, gaining more traction and becoming more mainstream with brands from all sorts of industries. Brands like Twitter, Kinetic Sand, NBA and Adidas have joined in. For younger brands, it is to be part of the future. For older brands, it is to market to the future.


Oh no, FOMO! Brands and businesses in Singapore are jumping on the wave of NFTs with a lack of understanding and knowledge. This leads to poorly designed marketing campaigns, limiting the power of NFT marketing. This is not a short-term opportunity. We're thinking long-term.

Our Advantage

By being the first social media agency in Singapore to offer NFT Marketing for brands, we have got a ton of knowledge and experience that comes with time working in this space. We have invested, positioned and are fluent in the best NFT platforms in the world, creating partnerships from the ground up. Our aim is to spark ideas, conversations, and actions that will bring digital communities together.

Think Long Term


    We develop, strategise and execute NFT projects with in-house or independent artists that will create long-term value for your audience and your brand.

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    Brands, Personalities and Associations who would like to be early in the next phase of the digital world and the metaverse.

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We Are Here To Help

  • Be part of the NFT
    revolution and market to
    the future

  • Brands, Personalities,

  • Create and execute NFT
    projects that brings
    long-term value, and
    brand building

  • Discovery &

    Understanding NFTs

    Got caught in the NFT hype but you are not sure what it's all about? Join our one-on-one session to educate your team on NFTs and the metaverse. Maybe we could even figure out on how to plan an NFT marketing campaign for you.

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  • NFT

    Dip Your Toes

    We strategise a single NFT project along with developing basic social media marketing contents to incite and entice your audience to buy your NFTs. You will learn how effective NFT Marketing can be for your brand in the long-term.

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  • Full NFT

    Take The Dive

    We take our expertise in the NFT space and your ideas and considerations to find the best way to launch your NFT into the digital market. From conceptualisation to execution, the aim is to ensure long term brand building.

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