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Where to buy Drones?

I am looking for one that is durable and able to withstand cold weather. It does not have to be in Japan because I don't mind shipping it over ^_^

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Mavic air!!! Hahah, but this drone is quite expensive so maybe you could get a cheaper drone just to test run it, etc: controls.

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Amirul Hakim


Definitely the DJI’s Drones! The Mavic Pro is a beast of a Drone for its price and portability

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Drones can be brought by a number of sources. These include the official stores of drone-manufacturer like DJI, Parrot etc. One major source due to the world-wide acceptance of e-business is the websites selling drones which have Amazon and ebay as their leading names. - Sam

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The Mavic Pro is definitely a good choice, but if you can wait it out, the Mavic Pro 2 will be coming out soon.

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