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Mio Natsuki


Definitely Cape Town for me! I kept looking at photos of Cape Town recently and it shows lots of places that's interesting, unique and colorful. 

Just take a look at the photos here:

Top of Lions Head


Beach Houses of Muizenberg

It's like your very own Google houses by the beach!

Stunning places. One day!

Photos are taken from this article:

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Aemanda Chan

Sound Engineer

Switzerland & Germany!

Although they are not really dream locations anymore because I've already been there, but I would still love to go back again. I’m not a photographer per say, but I found every part of Switzerland and Germany so intriguing and beautiful. It’s the kind of place where you leave a little bit of your heart in every part of the country that you visit and if you’re looking for a destination to “find yourself”, I highly recommend you visit Switzerland and Germany.

Here’s a shot I took on my hike up to the Neuschwanstein castle in Germany. This is the inspiration of Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

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Visual Artist

Bolivia salt flats

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