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What do you think of photography as a medium for healing (Spirit/Soul/Body), be it through taking photos or looking at photos or being photo-ed?

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Mio Natsuki


Giving yourself a creative outlet tends to relieve emotional issues. You are doing 2 things here:

1) You are concentrating your mind on something else &

2) You are giving yourself a creative purpose.

Both anxiety & depresssion over time result in a lack of purpose, worth & hope so anything you can do to counteract these emotions will help <3

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Damien Kurt


In my opinion, photography for me is one of the best healing / cleansing activity I've done. For some it might be Yoga, or exercise. I feel that as long as you enjoy something with a full amount of passion, you are healing and cleansing yourself.

Here's why photography heals my mind, body and soul - Creative photography allows us to see the world in new ways, to drop preconceptions, and to find focus in a busy, chaotic world. For some, photography is an art; for others, a job or a hobby. But there’s another, rapidly expanding avenue for camera work – photography as therapy.

Creative work as therapy is not new.

Art therapy (using painting, drawing and other kinds of art-making) already exist for decades, with rigorous training programs and applications in many different settings. More recently, poetry therapy has entered the scene, using poems and other written works to facilitate self-discovery and healing. Now, photography too has been embraced as more than a tool for mindfulness, meditation and creative satisfaction: “therapeutic photography” is a recognized application both of photographic work and work with photographs.

What makes a photograph such a potent tool for healing?

A photograph is a moment frozen in time, taken out of its larger context. It contains multiple layers of meaning. What we see in the frame conveys, on one level, pure information: this is a picture of a girl dancing; here is a photograph of a man walking down a road. Beyond that, though, elements of composition, color (or the tones of black and white), and the connotations of objects carry a wealth of associations, metaphorical meanings and emotional coloring. Photographs both capture and create realities.

In viewing a photograph, as in other kinds of art, we co-create the image with the one who makes it. And certainly, in making a photograph, we co-create the image with the subject, falling into the moment of oneness. However we experience it, photography creates opportunities to step, however briefly, into a place where different realities intersect; a place where new windows are opened, both on the world and on ourselves.

Much love.

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Thank you so much for your opinions, I was having this moment before I went to sleep the other day. I was thinking, what if I can integrate healing art into my photography. Which is what I have been thinking about and I am exploring ways to bring this out to people. Therapuetic Photography seems like a good start for me, thank you very much Damien!

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