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What photo editing apps do you use on your smartphones?

I'm using an iPhone 8 Plus.

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Im using Snapseed for most of my edits such as cropping, tuning image, changing the details etc. One thing good about snapseed is there are tutorials that teaches you on ways to create style for your photos, eg: applying a frozen effect, detailed black and white, fades and low key HDR. Additionally, you can also watch online YouTube tutorials on using snapseed as well (i've learnt how to recreate double exposure and cloning). So far im happy with snapseed and i recommend you to try it out.

Another alternative many used is VSCO where they have presets that you can apply to ur setting. However, some of these you will need to purchase. One preset that i loves using on VSCO is HB1 and HB2 (HB means hyberbeast). These two can be 'purchase' for free.

i believe both apps should be available on both android and apple devices.

Hope this helps!

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Ross Bagley


Yes, I also use "Snapseed" for tuning the photo ext but if I think I need to add rays of sun or fog then I use "Lens Distortions"

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Hari Chandana

Fine Artist

I use the Adobe photoshop Fix for most of my images. It gives me a lot of control over the settings and they churn out high resolution images on the phone as well. Other than that, I use picsart. It has really good options, you can get overwhelmed at first but the user interface is very simple and straightforward. Other than that, for my bnw photographs I always go to hypocam, which also has presets. I use VSCO, but rarely. I bought almost all the presets but they're not that impressive maybe because I prefer customizing the effect for each picture, but if you want a bunch of pictures to look like a group or a series, the presets help. ^-^ hope that helps. And I use a OnePlus

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