About Plexxie

Why? Finding like-minded people to collaborate with these days is quite like finding a needle in a haystack, don’t you think?

With an increase of Creatives, we too know how hard it is to get started in this industry (especially if you’re new to this).

A sudden loss of inspiration and not having enough knowledge to execute your gig can also be very nerve-wracking. So why not join our community in sharing inspirations and experiences!

What We Do? We help Creatives of all fields in their journey of learning and creating what they love.

Our site allows every creative person to showcase their work on their personal portfolio profile page for other people to see. Besides connecting Creative people, we have designed our site to enable our users to freely ask questions through our Q&A features. This feature helps to heighten their knowledge in their Creative skills and help fresh graduates in kickstarting their Creative career. They can also collaborate with each other as a means of expanding their skills & experiences and to build on their portfolio.

The Plexxie Team

Matin Wallister
CEO & Co-founder
Aemanda Chan
COO & Co-founder
Yafiq Yusman