“We are here to help Creatives of all fields in their journey of learning and creating what they love.”

Our Story

Plexxie was first built on the sole passion of helping Creatives around the world to connect. Two Creative friends from Singapore realised the struggle of making their way into the industry, as fresh graduates from art schools without much connections. It was then that they decided to put their creative juices to work to create an online platform that enables like-minded Creatives to connect limitlessly. From the initial purpose of creating limitless connections, Plexxie also helps Creative freelancers & influencers to inspire and learn from one another as a community.

Building a Creative Marketplace

Plexxie is a Creative marketplace with a social twist! With a pool of over 1000+ young, qualified and experienced creative freelancers and influencers from around the world, we have unlimited access to creative talents of various fields such as design, photography, videography, copywriting and more. Having millennials as the majority of our users, we are confident in bringing ever-changing fresh ideas to the table. Our platform simplifies the whole process of a project, from the outsourcing of freelancers to the inevitable handling of paperworks & contracts. Through our aim of increasing efficiency, our clients and Creatives can focus on producing creative work that will bring prominent results.

Plexxie’s Vision

To be a global Creative community that everyone wants to be part of.

The Plexxie Team

Matin Wallister
CEO & Co-founder
Aemanda Chan
COO & Co-founder