Crocodile International, a Singapore-based clothing company, was founded in 1947 and has been a staple in the Southeast Asian market for decades. However, recent years have seen a drop in brand awareness and sales among youth demographics. Crocodile has to continue their brand’s recognition amongst the newer generation and generations to come.


To address this issue, Crocodile International needs to develop a strategy that will increase sales among younger consumers.


The youthful team at Plexxie was engaged to take over the strategisation and management of their social media accounts.


The first step was to have a complete change of the brand’s perception. Instead of being seen as a brand that should only be worn by the older generation males, we made use of their history to be remarketed to consumers where Heritage in fashion is seen as the new black.


Besides the usual promotion of shirt designs available, we also made sure to include the Story Behind The Brand for consumers to have a more intimate knowledge and experience – forming an ever-growing community amongst the millennial audiences who now appreciate the value of donning Heritage brands.


In summary, we managed their Facebook and Instagram accounts and created advertising campaigns. This includes creating content via photography, videography, graphic design, and illustration, strategising content, audience engagement and building a community of loyal fans.


53% increase in Audience Growth.

72% increase in Brand Awareness.

55% increase in Social Engagement.

Average audience pool shifted from 50-60 year-old males, to 30-35 year-old males.

  • 53% Increase in Audience Growth
  • 72% Increase in Brand Awareness
  • 55% Increase in Social Engagement

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