First things first, what exactly is a podcast?

In simpler terms, a podcast is an audio programme that examines a specific topic. 

You may not be aware, but podcast marketing has seen an immense growth in popularity over the past few years.

With such a notable exposure and rate of growth in this marketing tool, many still remain unaware of the potential of podcast marketing. If you’re pondering on the possibilities of how podcasts can become your next most effective marketing tool, you’re at the right place.

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Why podcast marketing is important to jump into?

1) Podcasts Builds Communities

Even if you have a substantial social following, one should never neglect the value of social media communities. Digital marketers are often seeking for an engaged and loyal community where audiences who share common interests or goals are able to connect with each other and create a feeling of fellowship with one another.

The niche factor of podcasts can help brands to target specific groups of audiences. Even though this community may be focused on a narrow subject, the potential for exchanges that may be sparked among the members of the community are endless. This will bode well for the content creators and brand owners who work around the idea of generating awareness as their marketing objective.

2) Podcasts can’t be substituted by Instagram, Facebook and TikTok content

It’s always challenging for businesses to choose a single platform to build brand presence. With the popularity of Instagram, Facebook and TikTok most businesses tend to choose to build their presence on these platforms and often overlook and miss out on the lucrative niche that can be built on platforms that supports audio formats such as, YouTube Music and Apple Music.

These platforms would appeal better to audiences who prefer audio format contents. Based on data provided by Hubspot in 2022, 82% of marketers plan to either continue investing the same amount or even increase their investment in podcasts!

3) Podcasts Are Convenient 

One of the most distinctive positive traits of podcasting is that you will not need to worry about your audiences being so busy that they can’t set aside time for your content. One of the greatest and most convenient things about podcasting is that listeners can download to play or stream the content whenever they want to.

Be it when one is cooking, jogging, driving, working, studying, relaxing or whatever the situation, podcast contents are often very accessible and convenient to consume. 

4) Podcasts Are Highly Engaging 

Why read when you can listen? It’s easy for your audience to feel overwhelmed with so much information available in textual content on the internet, so audio information is a great change of pace. Moreover, it also allows you to deliver your message in a more engaging manner, which written content may not always allow.

An Internal Midroll survey of 300,000 podcast listeners also found that 63% of people had actually bought something a host peddled on their show. That’s a statistic that marketers can’t ignore!

5) Podcasts Helps Build A Personal Connection Through Authenticity 

It’s never the same building a connection through visuals or written content. Sure, you may enjoy reading all our blogs and commenting on Instagram posts but that ‘connection’ probably isn’t there, mainly because you’re simply just reading, viewing and connecting with our social media persona. 

Podcasts on the other hand provide us a platform to open up to you more. You’d hear my voice telling jokes, sharing opinionated information and unglamorous personal stories pretty much every week or even every day and honestly, what’s a better way than an actual person sharing their innermost thoughts in a personal way?

Tuning into your favourite podcast is pretty much about feeling like you are a part of the conversation. As if you are catching up with an old friend who you can comfortably share everything and anything with. 


Overall, podcasts aren’t solely for marketing or promotional purposes, they have proven to educate and connect with audiences on a more personal level while also fostering a sense of community. The rise of podcasting has illustrated quite a few interesting aspects and facts about what we seek as individuals and as a society – genuine connections, honest and authentic personalities.

Is the artificial and glitzy aspect of social media finally being phased out? Well… that’s up to you to decide but what we are sure of is that podcasts aren’t something that should be missed out on!


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