Words That Convert - How To Write Copies That Gets Your Consumers’ Attention Every Time

‘Join Us!’, ‘Sign Up!’ – These are often the phrases we see on social media with a common goal for brands to get audiences to give their emails and keep a look out for the brand’s updates. However, is it really that easy for audiences to give what your brands want?

While it is true that writing social media copies isn’t that hard, but it is not as simple and easy as most people think. There’s a true art to social media copywriting. Beyond product visuals, video, graphic design, and brand aesthetics, copy is what compels your followers to action. If you’re wondering how to better leverage your copywriting for social media, here are some tips to get you going! 

1. Keeping it short and sweet wins 

There’s a reason for the cliché “short and sweet.” People like it when you get to the point.

With our attention span being on par with a goldfish (meaning we both lose interest after about 8 seconds), it’s essential to get in, say your thing and get out – stat! Social media isn’t a place for long-winded captions and details. 

Think of writing your copies like writing for a newspaper – The headline is what pulls the reader in. The first few words should act like a hook to catch the eyes of your followers. And, if your audience finds your hook relevant, they will be more eager to dig in and perhaps share your content, possibly contributing to its virality. Taking this post from UNICEF as an example of an eye-catching and compelling copy with the emotional connection.

Credit: @unicef

Though there are only 2-liners at the start of the paragraph, it is sufficient to convey your message and connect with your audience with the remaining copy and the visual. Trim the fats of your copy and ditch any unnecessary descriptors. 

Your audience is skimming on social media, so make sure you say what you need to say as quickly as possible! 

2. Leverage on hashtags and emojis for your benefit 

There are some things you can do on social media that you just can’t do on other channels. Hashtags and emojis are two of those things — and they can make your copy even better.

A hashtag is the fastest way for a social media user to find your content. It helps group topics and trends for social media users and make content searchable. If you’re posting about a trending topic or event, using the official hashtag can get more eyes on your post. However, if you’re posting about your branded campaign, you can come up with your own hashtag. In addition, every hashtag has a degree of “trendiness” and relevancy that depends on the timeframe. For instance, #christmas is typically going to be much more popular on Instagram in the month of December than in the month of March. 

Another way to add a bit of sparkle to your copy, would be the use of emojis. Emojis can give your copy more personality and make it fun, as long as you don’t overdo it. They have a universal quality to them — everyone understands their meaning. Hence, it is easier to convey feelings and express a certain emoji through this mini icons. 

For instance, Madewell shows the perfect example of a mix of branded hashtag and the simple use of emojis to get their point across.

Credit: @madewell

By replacing the word ‘key’ with the emoji, it gives the caption a more fun vibe and audiences can still understand the message that they are bringing across. With the use of their branded hashtag, it helps group similar posts together, which allows their followers to find similar contents instantly. 

While hashtags and emojis can enhance your copy, you should ensure not to overdo it and that your brand and brand message are still the stars.

3. Show off your brand’s personality 

For the most part, copywriting for social media shouldn’t be dead, dull and stiff. While this may be the case for press releases or reports, this is definitely not something you want on social media. 

The primary purpose of your copy should be to connect with the other humans in a digital environment, therefore you should come off as friendly, relatable and fun. Audiences go onto social media to be entertained and to keep up with the latest trends. With a dull corporate copy, it is safe to say that your content will repel your audience, without truly showcasing your brand’s personality. 

Check out this copy here from Coca-Cola for when they release their new Diet Coke flavours!

Credit: @dietcoke

The punny and witty introduction of Diet Coke’s new flavours through the copy showed off Coca-Cola’s fun personality with the use of more colloquial language or slang.

4. Make your copies actionable! 

Like any other marketing channel, you should have a goal for your brand on social media, and your copy needs to reflect that goal. 

This is where your copy should end off with a Call-to-action (CTA), which gives your audience a clear indication on the action you’d like them to take. Adding the CTA copy also improves the level of interaction from your social audience, and adds value by improving visibility and exposure. 

For instance, the aim of this post from ShopFarEast is to mention about the perks of its application, hence they ended the copy with the CTA for audiences to download the app via the link in bio. 

Credit: @shopfareast

Be clear with your motive, otherwise you’ll risk getting your message ignored by the skimmers and scrollers.

5. Maintain a consistent voice cross-platform

Keeping your brand voice consistent across all platforms is essential for building a strong online presence. Think of it as ‘staying in character’ like an actor or actress, but for your brand instead.

While each social media platform has its own voice and tone, keeping yours consistent with your brand’s values is important regardless of which platform you’re on. Audiences expect the same from brands. If your social media copies show a bubbly personality while your website gives off a more somber and serious voice, the difference in tone can result in confusion from your audiences, and question what they can expect from you. 

Check out how Crocodile International keeps their branding and copies aligned with each other on their Instagram and Facebook posts. 

Credit: @crocodileinternational

Despite mirroring their content on Instagram and Facebook, their tone of voice in the copies remain similar. Whether you’re an elevated brand or a more relaxed one, both potential and current customers should know who you are just by the words they read on your social media posts. Consistent copywriting, when done correctly, is the key to a steady growth for your accounts. 


Great copy cuts through the background noise! Social media is fleeting and moving at a quick pace. Your audience wants to make a connection and they do it best on social media. No matter which platform your brand is active on, great copywriting can be the key to engaging your followers more effectively.
The marriage of words and images is key. It is now time for brands to step up your copy game, and reach out to your audience where they are.

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