Being globally recognised as the world’s premier percussion accessory manufacturer, Evans Drumheads (an American based company) is expanding their marketing strategy towards the Asia market. Plexxie is the first and only social media marketing agency appointed by them to spearhead this project. 


We created a social media strategy that involves consistent artist and influencer marketing campaigns whilst building the foundations of their brand new social media pages. This has solidified the brand identity of Evans Drumheads and increased the rate of audience growth.

We leveraged their brand’s key visuals through videography and showcased their products through the eyes of notable Asia artists from Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia and Singapore. To propel the reach further, social media advertising was deployed targeting percussionists living in Asia.


Within 3 months, we created aggressive paid campaigns that managed to reach over 7 million people per campaign with an average engagement rate to followers of 38%.


38% Social Engagement Rate To Followers.

1200 Organic Followers Within 3 Months.

7M Reach On Average Per Campaign.

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