11 Ways to Get More User-Generated Content-Cover

Why should brands prioritize the acquisition of user-generated content (UGC)? The benefits are substantial. UGC-based advertisements boast click-through rates four times higher and a remarkable 50% reduction in cost-per-click compared to the average. Moreover, campaigns or websites that integrate UGC witness a substantial 29% increase in web conversions. In today’s digital landscape, leveraging UGC has become essential for brands looking to bolster their online presence and engage their audience on a deeper level. By tapping into the creativity and authenticity of your customers, you can elevate brand awareness and credibility.

To encourage more UGC for your brand, consider implementing effective strategies tailored to your audience and objectives. Here are 11 ways to not only encourage but also maximize user-generated content!

1. Customer Feedback and Reviews

Motivate your customers or clients to share their feedback and ratings across various platforms such as Google, Facebook, or your own website. Positive feedback not only fosters trust but also functions as compelling social evidence for prospective customers. An example of this strategy in action is Hangar66 Cafe, consistently garnering reviews on a monthly basis with remarkable ease. Simply by prompting patrons on-site to leave reviews, perhaps with a modest incentive like a complimentary beverage, most of them will be more than willing to do it.

2. Contests or Giveaways

Create contests or challenges designed to inspire users to generate and distribute content associated with your brand. Whether it is a photo contest, video challenge, or quiz contest, these events can get people excited and involved! Take ASTALIFT Singapore, for example. They ran a quiz giveaway where they asked people to visit their website to learn about their product and get a free sample. This not only educates customers about the product but also encourages them to create content about it in exchange for a chance to win.

3. Create a Community

Make your customers feel like they belong by creating online communities or forums where they can connect, share their experiences, and talk about topics related to your brand. Get involved in these communities to naturally encourage user-generated content (UGC). A great instance is the Evans Drumheads Asia’s Instagram account. They regularly repost UGC, building a community of drum enthusiasts. By sharing this content, they prompt their followers to comment, exchange drumhead recommendations, discuss techniques, and more!

4. Social Media Takeovers

Invite your followers to temporarily manage your brand’s social media platforms for a day. By doing this, you’re allowing them to share their unique perspectives and content with your audience, injecting freshness and variety into your feed. Additionally, it is a great way to strengthen the relationship between your brand and its followers. They get to feel more involved and connected, knowing that their voices and experiences are being showcased directly on your social media channels. Moreover, the audience of the UGC contributors may also be curious and hop over to your brand’s account for the day, leading to increased engagement and potential new followers.

5. Provide Rewards for Your Customers

Encourage your customers to share content by offering them rewards like discounts, special access, or free gifts. When people know they will get something in return, they’re more motivated to participate. As highlighted in the article, offering incentives is an effective method for generating UGC. For example, you can offer a unique incentive such as a free personalized service that could be a meal, an exclusive Tumblr, and more when customers post pictures of your product or service. This not only encourages UGC but also adds a fun and personalized touch to their experience with your brand.

6. Engage with Polls and Q&A

Utilize interactive tools on social media to run polls, quizzes, or Q&A sessions. These activities encourage users to share their thoughts, experiences, and knowledge about your brand. It is a great way to spark conversations and gather valuable feedback from your audience. For instance, Crocodile International often releases sneak peeks of their new collections on Instagram stories and asks for audience responses. This not only creates excitement around their upcoming products but also allows them to directly involve their audience in the decision-making process.

7. Collaborate with Influential TikTok Creators

Harness the influence of TikTok by teaming up with popular creators who resonate with your brand’s ethos. Their genuine content has the potential to reach a wide audience and motivate others to create user-generated content. TikTok is a prime platform for generating UGC! When an influencer or celebrity starts a trend, it can lead to a surge in product purchases as everyone jumps on the trend. A recent example of this phenomenon is the Ray-Ban Smart Meta Glasses trend by a very popular influencer, Kika Kim. By partnering with an influencer to showcase their smart glasses in a video, Ray Ban experienced incredible results, demonstrating the power of influencer collaborations on TikTok.

8. Showcase Authentic Customer Stories and Reviews

Display genuine reviews and feedback from happy customers on all your marketing platforms. Real-life stories connect with audiences on a deeper level, inspiring them to share their own experiences. Take, for example, Hangar66 Cafe, whose Instagram followers might not be aware of the positive reviews on Google. To bridge this gap, they diligently post their Google reviews every month on their feed, ensuring that their audience sees the authentic experiences shared by satisfied customers across different platforms.

9. Direct Calls to Action

Do not hesitate to directly ask your audience to create and share content. Whether it is through social media posts, email campaigns, or signs in your store, a straightforward call to action can produce meaningful outcomes.

10. Transform Customers into Stories

Highlight your customers as the central figures in your brand’s narrative. Show how they incorporate your products or services into their daily routines through images, videos, or written accounts. For instance, consider Style Theory’s initiative, #WomenofStyleTheory, where they spotlight various women’s experiences. They share stories of how subscribing to their service has positively impacted their lives, providing a platform for their community to share their own stories with #BehindHerStyle.

11. Building Hype for a Product Launch with UGC

Before unveiling a new collection or product, give your audience a taste of what is to come by sharing sneak peeks or behind-the-scenes looks. Encourage them to speculate and share their excitement. This buildup of anticipation can lead to a surge in user-generated content once the collection is officially launched.

Take, for instance, Bo And Tee, who regularly share sneak peeks of their upcoming releases. This strategy generates a significant amount of user-generated content in the form of comments and engagement on their posts. This, in turn, motivates their audience to create their own content, such as sharing on their stories or posting about their purchase after the launch.

In conclusion

User-generated content presents brands with a potent opportunity to establish genuine connections with their audience. Through the implementation of these 11 ways, brands can effectively leverage the creativity and enthusiasm of their customers to enhance their online presence and cultivate meaningful relationships with their audience. By expanding the strategies and implementing them consistently, brands can not only generate more user-generated content but also foster a community of loyal and engaged customers who actively contribute to the brand narrative.


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