Navigating social media for digital marketing and content creation can sometimes be harder than it looks. Here at Plexxie, we understand these challenges and have therefore compiled a list of 15 best social media marketing articles in 2021 to steer you in the right direction. Kickstart the first quarter of the year with successful marketing campaigns when you unearth the many tips and tricks in these following articles.

What’s trending???

1. How Much Does Social Media Marketing Cost in 2021?  

An engaging piece posted on Digital Agency Network, cut your losses and double your success when you evaluate your social media budget using the pointers listed in this article. Breaking down the cost structure of social media marketing in today’s business world, the article explores a variety of factors to dish out relevant tips and tricks to keep your online marketing costs at the bare minimum. For example, the main elements that contribute to a considerable amount of the cost are evaluated and alternative options are suggested within the article. 

What’s more! The article also provides a fresh perspective on the good, the bad and the ugly on outsourcing your social media campaigns to shed some light on the effectiveness of in house versus third party online advertising. 

Crunch those numbers and get more for less when you scroll through this interesting article.

2. How to Leverage 14 Social Media Marketing Trends in 2021 

A collection of thoughts from the committee at Forbes Communications Council, this article is the collective take of 14 social media marketing trends these experts believe will rise to the top of the social media game in the challenging year ahead. Above and beyond simply exploring these upcoming market trends, the article teaches us how to leverage on these trends to ensure continued digital marketing success in 2021. Karyn Scott from Kloudspot Inc. identified the need to speak up on social issues as a dramatic shift for posting content on Instagram and Facebook. Step into the spotlight by helping your brand develop a cohesive corporate voice across internal and external social channels.

3. 42 Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2021 

Score an exclusive look into the latest innovative trends set to become the top priorities for most business owners this year as you scroll through this article. Once far – fetched concepts that were laughed at, this article explains how ambitious ideas such as artificial intelligence and data driven marketing is now the way to go in today’s technologically driven world. The sky’s the limit, but how do we as marketers make use of the limitless possibilities that technology has provided us?

This witty piece has got the answer to that question with the compilation of 42 diverse digital marketing trends that will definitely pave your way to social media success in 2021. A great must read, click on the link above for quick read on reasons to adopt artificial intelligence and more.

4. Building Your Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2021 

If you’re looking to fine tune your social media marketing strategy for 2021, look no further than this article for forward sighted trends you can’t ignore! Bringing you back to reality, this comprehensive article guides you every step of the way to create a succinct strategy perfect for your brand. 

Topics discussed in the article include:

  • Setting goals that make sense for your business 
  • Take time to research your target audience 
  • Establish your most important metrics and KPIs
  • Create and curate engaging social content 
  • Make your social presence as timely as possible 
  • Assess what’s working, what isn’t and how to keep improving 

Head on over to the link to find out more today.

5. The New Rules of Social Media Marketing in 2021 

In with the new and out with the old. With change as the only constant in the dynamic digital marketing scene worldwide, mastering the art of social media is an uphill battle. 

Summarizing the new rules of social media marketing in 2021, this article is what every marketer needs to put them back on track and steer their campaigns to success. As a result of the coronavirus, the world was forced to remain physically distanced but social media bridged the gap and kept us connected to friends, family and the brands we love. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that social media is a marketing discipline that scaled new heights and rose in prominence during the global pandemic. 

Have a read to discover the wonderful marketing campaigns that you can refer to for future content planning.

6. 6 New Social Media Platforms Marketers Should Watch in 2021

With hundreds of social media applications to choose from, which is the best social media platform to promote your brand? Not sure of the answer? Now’s the time to pause scrolling on Instagram and start scrolling through this article. 

Get in on the latest social media news and watch this space for upcoming new social media platforms every marketer should know! Peppered with relevant examples throughout, this article uncovers the reasons behind the popularity of certain social media sites. Detailing facts such as founding year and number of active users, the article provides a comprehensive overview of the different websites and their rise to popularity. 

Be sure not to miss out on this useful facts and figures, it could make a world of a difference in aiding your selection of a suitable social media site for future campaigns.

7. Social Media Marketing Trends in 2021 (The New Normal)

Bringing about a drastic change in marketing strategies, Covid has stormed in and created a whirlpool of challenges for most businesses, whether big or small. 

Want to be prepared for the next global crisis that will shake up the social media status quo once again? Read this article for tips on how to handle unforeseen circumstances. Identifying viable social media marketing trends and techniques in today’s volatile economy, this article explains why it is important to constantly keep up to date on the current methods and trends.

8. Influencer Marketing in Singapore: What, Why, Who, How & Where

For those looking to brush up their knowledge on influencer marketing, this article is for you! Looping you in on the world of influencer marketing, this article exemplifies how to grow your business with this new form of marketing embraced internationally. An essential puzzle piece to help your product stand out from the proliferation of a jumble of cookie cutter products and services, influencer marketing might just be the missing puzzle piece you need to bring your branding to the next level.

Try it out today once you’ve mastered the basics of influencer marketing upon reading this article!

9. The 9 Biggest Social Media Sites For 2021 In Singapore 

Find out who sits at the top of the social media game in Singapore! Compiling as many as nine of the biggest players in the local digital marketing scene, save this article as your go to reference for a quick read whenever you want to strategise marketing campaigns to reach the local demographics. 

Learn more about how to navigate social media sites and use them to engage consumers with this article. Evaluating the big three (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) alongside rising favourites such as TikTok, Clubhouse and Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book), this fun piece on creativity and marketing in Singapore is good place to start fueling your marketing ideas.

10. 2021 Social Media Design Trends All Small Business Owners Should Know 

What you post is as important as where you post. The importance of connecting with your customers through well-designed, visually appealing social media content should never be overlooked. This article presents a carefully curated list of dos and don’ts for social media success. 

Short form videos, handheld video and live streams are compelling tools for brands to leverage on to increase brand visibility and engagement rate online. Learn how to turn editing projects like videos and streams into a breeze with tips, tricks and tutorial links embedded in this article. 

Wait no longer! Visit the link to create your next eye-catching post.

11. 27 Best Digital Marketing News Sites (updated for 2021)

Stay on top of everything happening in the digital world with this informative guide on where to get the latest and most accurate information. 

A list of 27 credible sources to kickstart your mornings with, this article offers insights into the wonders bite sized knowledge, new and tips that varying websites can offer. The list goes on and on – choose your favourite news site as you browse through the summaries of what each site has to offer. 

We guarantee that you’ll find a site you’ll fall in love with at first read. Recommendations include Marketing Land, Social Media Today and Forbes CMO Network.

12. 54 Jaw-dropping Social Media Statistics for Businesses (New for 2021)

It’s all about the numbers. 

Knowing the numbers behind your business is essential because it can help you make informed decisions that have the potential to cause a big impact on your business, growth and future. That’s why this article is a handy list of all the figures you need to make good financial decisions. To help answer your three basic questions of: 

  • What platform should my brand be on?
  • What content should I be posting and how often?
  • How do I know it’s actually working and delivering value? 

This article has collated a whopping number of 54 jaw dropping social media statistics sure to wow you. Critical figures that affect potential marketing figures include consumer brand interaction on social media, user behaviour and the current state of social media. 

Boasting over 4.2 billion social media users in 2020, it’s safe to say this article is a must read to ensure continued social media success in the year ahead.

Getting into the specifics

13. Pinterest Marketing 101 : Basics for Business in 2021

If you’re looking for a path off the beaten track, read this article to learn the ABCs of leveraging Pinterest to achieve desirable marketing results. A visual centric social network, this article details the advantages and disadvantages of this innovative photography database. Chock full of numbers and statistics, this informative article is a good read for those looking to expand their brand’s social media presence onto multiple applications to reach a wider range of audiences.

Take a read here – Pinterest could just be the game changer you need to up your social media game!

14. Facebook is Looking to Launch Audio-Only Rooms to Hook into the Social Audio Trend

Yes, you read that right – Facebook’s Clubhouse clone is coming. 

If you have yet to hear of Clubhouse, read this to get a basic understanding of the ins and outs of this application. Hopping on the social audio bandwagon, Facebook is headed towards enabling hosts to create public or private audio group chats. Drop into any chat in real time and engage in discussions that excite you. 

Interested to find out which platform will rule? Get the inside scope on the future of audio social with this article.

15. TikTok vs Instagram: Who’s Winning at Social Media

This short but sweet read on the friendly competition between these two social media giants might just be the article you need to decide which social media site will star in your upcoming marketing campaigns. 

Take a look at two of the most popular platforms on social media and how they compare with each other in this article and determine the winner for yourself. Comparing music options, video editing features, the algorithm and paid advertising, this useful side by side comparison makes choosing a winner that much easier. 

Let us know if TikTok or Instagram reigns on social media after this read!


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