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On July 5th 2023, Meta, the company behind giant social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, announced the Threads app. It has the same basic functionality as Twitter. So, we can say that it is a Twitter alternative, or maybe the “Twitter killer”.

In full, the name of the app is called “Threads, an Instagram app”. It is now available on the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store.

Threads is where communities come together to debate everything from the issues you care about now to what’ll be trendy tomorrow,” according to the App Store description.

@plexxie Is Threads App from Instagram a "Twitter Killer"? 🔪 Here are reasons why Instagram (META) released Threads and some ideas why its useful for influencers and content creators in 2023 (Hint: FEDIVERSE)! #threadsapp #threads #instagramnews #smallbusiness #marketingtipx #instagram #marketingtips ♬ original sound – Plexxie

Built by Instagram, Threads is an app where people can have real-time, public conversations with one another. You may follow and interact directly with your favourite creators and those who enjoy the same things, or you may establish a loyal following of your own to share your ideas, thoughts, and creativity with the world.

The Threads app allows you to post 500 characters in a single post. You can like the posts with a heart icon, comment or share by using the recycling icon, and follow the people by using the plus (+) sign.

If you want to be on Threads, you are required to have an Instagram account for now. This means without an Instagram account, you are not able to sign up on Threads. You are unable to create your own unique username on Threads as the username you’ll be using on Threads is linked to your Instagram handle.

Based on the Threads app onboarding process, it seems that people will be able to directly import the list of those they follow on Instagram to Threads.

If you’re verified on Instagram, you will also be automatically verified on Threads.

Twitter started to charge a monthly fee for the blue tick mark that was free for verified accounts earlier. However, it is not yet clear whether Threads will charge any blue-tick verification fees or not.

Threads Part Of The Fediverse.

Instagram’s goal is to ultimately have Threads work across multiple apps in what it calls the Fediverse, short for Federated Universe Of Services, which share communication protocols.


This means that Instagram wants to make it easier for Threads to operate seamlessly with other platforms, which could appeal to creators and influencers so they do not have to start from scratch on each app.

If a creator builds up a sizeable number of followers on Threads, they could take those followers with them to other platforms that are built on the same technology.

Similar to Twitter, Users can post mostly text-based messages, photos or videos to a scrolling feed, where people who follow them and whom they follow can reply.

The main difference between Twitter and Threads is that you can post texts up to 500 characters, as compared to the 280 characters as allowed on Twitter. You cannot send direct messages on the Threads app. You have to switch to the Instagram app to send direct messages. Moreover, unlike Twitter, Threads currently does not offer trending topics suggestions.

The Threads app will be free and available in 30 languages and 200 countries.

Threads, A Twitter Alternative?

A Twitter alternative was expected since Elon Musk took over this 16-year-old microblogging platform and tried to change a lot of things, which resulted in a drastic traffic decrease.

To summarise a few changes since Elon took over, In February 2023, Twitter started to charge a heavy fee for its API access, which was free earlier. This was a major setback for small businesses.

The “For You” tab, which displays tweets chosen using an algorithm, has taken the place of the “Home” tab, which previously displayed tweets about particular users or topics.

Elon Musk announced on July 1 that unverified users will be limited to 600 tweets per day, while verified users will have access to 6,000 tweets. New and unverified users will be able to view up to 300 tweets.

Since it is a new app, it is not free from bugs. Some users reported that when they tried to upload photos using the iPhone, and the app crashed instantly. Others reported that it takes at least 5 seconds to post the simple text threads.

Compared to Twitter, the Threads app clearly explains all the data that it collects. It includes personal, financial, and health information too. While it tries to be transparent when it comes to its privacy policy, the amount of data that it collects can be a nightmare for those in European countries.

Nobody anticipated that Meta would release a Twitter rival, despite the fact that it was inevitable. Meta, with a huge audience reach of more than 3.59 billion, clearly has an advantage. However, it is yet to be seen whether it will be able to give a tough time to an already established platform or not.

The launch of Meta’s Threads app marks a new age of online interaction as the digital landscape evolves. The battle of two social media heavyweights has set the stage for an intriguing competition as Threads threatens Twitter’s long-standing dominance in microblogging. 

With Twitter’s recent changes under Elon Musk’s leadership, Meta sees an opportunity to capitalize on the dissatisfaction and entice people to Threads’ promise of richer communication and a more community-focused platform. 

Can Threads’ 500-character limit and Meta’s 3.59 billion user population replace Twitter’s established culture, or will this app inhabit a small area in the vast digital world?

Only time will reveal the answers. But one thing is for sure. The social media landscape is changing, and people are loving the excitement.


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