Are you wondering how to propel your videos into viral stardom on TikTok? Look no further! TikTok, the beloved short-video platform, is renowned for its ability to catapult content into the viral stratosphere. From captivating dance challenges to informative how-tos, TikTok offers a diverse array of content that can captivate audiences, reshaping our social media interactions.

As of the latest data available from TechJury, TikTok boasts a staggering 689 million active users, with over 1 billion videos viewed daily. Navigating the intricacies of TikTok’s algorithm is crucial for your video to grace the coveted For You Page (FYP), garnering likes and shares. Understanding your audience’s interests, effectively utilizing the TikTok algorithm, and crafting resonant content are pivotal steps in the journey to virality. Let’s delve into the types of TikTok content that can propel you into the limelight.

1. Tutorials and How-Tos

Tutorials and How-Tos stand out as a highly engaging category on TikTok, boasting elevated engagement rates due to their informative nature. Catering to a broad audience, these videos offer educational value, leading to increased watch time and repeat viewership. According to TikTok’s own research, 49% of content discovery on the platform is driven by the desire to “learn something new.”

The sharing potential of tutorials is substantial, with viewers often disseminating useful content within their networks. Well-constructed How-Tos can even evolve into trends themselves. TikTok’s short video format is ideal for delivering quick tutorials, and by infusing a creative and entertaining twist, creators not only educate but also entertain, rendering their content highly shareable.

For instance, the TikTok account Twinsstylee is filled with magical tutorials. This dynamic duo has amassed over 18.6 million followers, with their videos consistently going viral, capturing the attention of millions.

2. Dance Challenges

Dance challenges maintain a consistent track record of achieving viral status on TikTok, with a history of high user engagement. These challenges leverage simple yet catchy choreography, often synchronized with popular songs, within the platform’s short-form video format, resulting in widespread participation. The “Renegade” dance challenge, one of TikTok’s most iconic, garnered over 1.6 billion views by February 2020. The allure of such challenges lies in their replicability, creative variations, and the fear of missing out, all contributing to rapid and widespread user participation.

3. Celebrity and Influencer Participation

Celebrities and influencers frequently collaborate with brands for sponsored content on TikTok. These collaborations may involve challenges or campaigns designed to promote products or services, significantly amplifying the reach and impact of these endeavors. Such collaborations introduce new audiences to both parties, potentially leading to increased followers and engagement.

Take, for example, Kylie Jenner, with a staggering 54.5 million followers. Her TikTok presence often sparks new trends that capture widespread attention. A recent video posted in July 2023, featuring an “aged” filter and an original sound, prompted 34,000 other TikTok users to follow the same trend within a span of just two weeks.

4. Behind-the-Scenes

Behind-the-Scenes (BTS) content offers a glimpse into the creation process of products or marketing materials. Whether filming a video, producing music, or designing a new clothing line, users get an authentic, unfiltered view of the creative process. These videos are often infused with compelling narratives and teases for upcoming projects, fostering a genuine connection with viewers.

Ever wondered how certain videos are filmed? Check out this detailed Behind-the-Scenes video from Zach King’s TikTok profile, which garnered a whopping 66.7 million viewers.

5. Inspirational Stories

Sharing personal achievements, motivational stories, or heartwarming anecdotes can deeply resonate with users. These stories convey messages of hope, motivation, and positivity, emphasizing the power of perseverance and a positive mindset. Inspirational stories serve as role models and inspire viewers to take action, be kinder, or simply have fun.

These stories tap into universal themes that touch hearts, prompting viewers to spread positivity by sharing the video.


In summary, the types of content that go viral on TikTok showcase the platform’s dynamic and diverse nature. Trends are ever-changing, and brands must be willing to take risks and explore different content types, even if it is outside their comfort zone. The virality of a video underscores the level of user interaction with that specific type of content. Therefore, keep creating new and innovative content, as the digital world evolves rapidly, and staying innovative is key to lasting success.


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